A New Chapter…

Hello, my name is Katja Dorothy Elisabeth, and I am a Shopaholic.

I am starting this blog because I need an outlet (and I think everyone in my life needs me to have an outlet) for which to process my endless shopping thoughts and fantasies. From my addiction to handbags and high heels to my ongoing quest to build the perfect base wardrobe, from which I get so distracted by the seasonal pieces of incredible wearable art from the likes of so many designers like Alexander McQueen and Dolce&Gabanna to Australian designers like Camilla Franks, whose embellished silk creations each tell a story and feel so lush to wear, all the way through to my obsession with beautiful and unique furniture and decor. I am consumed by every type of shopping!


SA - 1.


I have come to decide on some rules for myself for my wardrobe/shopping after, I would say a good 14 years and some might say too many thousands of dollars worth of purchases and so many many hours spent searching for and deciding on pieces to join my life, I have now found myself with an overflowing collection of clothing and accessories so large that it not only doesn’t fit into the spare room/walk in wardrobe in my small 2 bedroom Elwood apartment, it also is flowing out of my room at my mother’s house still.. Yet somehow I still get up regularly and have that very same issue we all know so well “I have nothing to wear today”. I am now on a mission to fix this so I am setting these rules and I am going to work very hard to stick to them whilst shopping up a storm along the way.


Sacred A 2


RULE 1:  Stop Buying Items That Don’t Work For You.

This might seem like an obvious one, but let me tell you, ITS NOT! And I am not the only one that has found this problem within my wardrobe. So often I go to put something on and then I remember that item looks funny on my bust or makes me look pregnant or isn’t a good color for me when I don’t have a super suntan. It needs to fit properly, flattering both my body shape and my coloring and it also needs to work for my lifestyle. Just because its ‘on trend’ doesn’t mean it works for me.

RULE 2:  One In, One Out.

This is a necessary rule for my current wardrobe situation. It’s quite simple really for every new item introduced to my wardrobe, be it gifted or purchased or even inherited, at least one old item that isn’t being used must go.

RULE 3:  I Need To Love It.

At this stage in the game, it needs to be love. Essentially I own enough clothing to clothe a small country, so to justify acquiring more, whatever it is, I need to love it. Do not worry I have zero intention of stopping shopping. I just feel as the years have gone on and I have had time to reflect I have gotten wiser about where I put my money.

RULE 4:  Fill The Gaps.

I have an extensive wardrobe yes, but it still has many gaps, gaps of staple items which frequently hinders my getting ready processes. For example, I don’t own a nude clutch/evening bag. I don’t even own anything close, this has been a problem so regularly and for such a long period of time now that its beginning to get embarrassing (It’s on my NEED list). So I am making it a rule that pieces I purchase now need to fill a current wardrobe gap, with the exception of wearable art as some pieces are simply too special to pass up.

RULE 5:  Shop Within Your Means.

I don’t believe in shopping debt and I do plan to maintain my non-debt status. However I do believe in Celine bags and Yves Saint Laurent shoes so this often puts me in a painful situation of having to choose between items as I simply cannot afford to have them all. This is where I refer back to rule #3, choose the one you love, the one you would be sad to live without. It is also really satisfying saving up and buying something special for yourself, and the best bit about paying it off first is that at the end of all your hard work and pennie saving you get a well earned present of your choosing. What better reward?!


So that’s my rules for now, which I am promising myself to keep. I will elaborate on each of them as the weeks go by along with tales of my shopping dilemmas and triumphs.


xx K

Sacred A 1


Long Cardigan – Camilla, Sacred Amulet print from the Winter 2015 season, but shop similar in this season Camilla.

Top (with neck tie) – Witchery.

Jeans – J Brand these are the Maria high-waisted cut and I have them in like 3 colors as they’re the best!

Boots – Vintage but you can find similar from  Tony Bianco.

Sunglasses – Celine Shadows in black/tortoiseshell. I bought mine in Melbourne from Marais but you can find them online or from Celine boutiques.

Bag – Givenchy Antigona size Medium, in Goat leather.


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