Winter Booties

Winter. Once I am over the initial shock from the cold snap of Winters icy air and grey rainy days I have to say I actually don’t mind the cooler weather, it brings out the chicest layers of all the fashion seasons, endless extra foamy chai lattes and it is Boot season! I am definitely finding myself reaching for boots and sh-booties (somewhere cosy between a shoe and a boot, not quite an ankle boot) over sandals and pumps and always wanting to wrap myself up in longer base layers, big cosy knits and furry outer layers. I absolutely love reaching for these tan booties, they were such a good find for me. I picked them up at Zara in 2012 for $69 how did I manage that?! I love wearing them, they are very comfy and I always get comments on them because the stud and crystal detailing is just so fun.

Sadly, my old faithful black suede ankle boots that I purchased from Wittner in 2010 for $149 died last month, and I was gutted. This may sound silly but it was unexpected even though logically after literally six years of thrashing them it is understandable that they decided to pack it in. I have had them as a real staple go-to shoe for so long that I almost can’t remember a time where I didn’t have them to reach for. And without them available I am honestly beginning to get very confuzzled regarding Winter footwear decisions, which has highlighted a few things to me. The big one being that I don’t think its ideal in a shoe collection seventy plus strong, the removal of one pair should be able to have such a devastating effect on my wardrobe. I guess one might be led to feel that this is a wardrobe gap which I have just identified.

Obviously as a result of this I have been left with no choice but to search for some perfect replacement booties and while I haven’t found them yet, I have fallen in lust with some others along my way.. I have even bought a pair and returned them because after taking them home and re-evaluating them I have decided they aren’t really right for me.

Black Mid-Calf Boot from Tony Bianco $199.00

I ordered these off their website and was really excited as they are really quite chic looking and such a reasonable price point. However when I tried them on there where a couple of things I noticed. First being that they were quite constricting around my calf, these are made for girls with very petite calves. They didn’t hurt and from the side they looked fine and the heel is really nice but from the front they actually gave my calf the slightest of muffin tops – this is never an ok look, not around the midriff and certainly not at the calf! I was very disappointed. But then as I was inspecting them I also noticed that they aren’t actually leather at all. I am sorry but I think $199 is a bit steep for pleather!

Tan Suede Mid-Calf Boot from Zara $199.00 

I actually am still thinking I might be regretting not getting these. They are very cute, and pretty comfortable and they are genuine leather/suede. I love the contrast of the black heel to the tan shoe and how the base of the heel flares out, it gives them a cool seventies touch and I always love the texture suede brings to an outfit, it instantly feels more luxe. I was just a bit stuck in the shop and couldn’t decide and more to the point they weren’t filling the immediate gap issue and I wasn’t sure how much wear I would get out of them and as I am meant to be saving my pennies at the moment I was not wanting to waste $199 so I left them behind. Yep regret, even as I am writing this now I want to have them. Bummer.

Beige Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots – $1500.00 approx.

Sasha Simon – Rosie Huntington – Gigi Hadid – Unknown
These are such a lust item but they are also kind of a need! Ever since I saw the always chic Sasha Simon of @lolariostyle wearing them in September 2015 it was love love love at first sight. They are so elegant and while I know they are great in black, you always lose some of the detail in black. The beige however is just so yummy and the texture of the suede with the simple detailing of the leather tie at the back, these boots are over the knee perfection. As far as the heel goes, this is a clever heel, it is high enough to transition easily from day to night yet still low enough to be comfortable so you can actually wear them all day and night. I have so many things I would wear these with.. starting with my Celine Phantom, I feel they are a match made in heaven and probably need to be paired asap.

This week I am going to have to pull the trigger on a pair of black booties or I think I might go crazy with this wardrobe gap. 



Celine Mini Belt Bag in Tawny – SGD $3900.00 from the Celine Boutique in Singapore

Celine Shadow Sunglasses in Black/Tortoiseshell – $420 from Marais

Black Fur Gillet – $279.95 from Fox Maiden

Flared Sleeve Ivory Boho Blouse – $59.95 from Sportsgirl last year, shop similar 

J Brand Maria High Rise Jeans in Black – $299.00 from Net-A-Porter

Suede Embellished Booties in Tan – $69.00 from Zara in 2012

2 thoughts on “Winter Booties

  1. Back in the 60s I wore long boots all winter. My favourites were a pair of beige suede over-the-knee with a mid-heel. Loved them ! Don’t recall the price, just the look, the feel, very special.

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