RULE 2: One In, One Out

The required rule.

This is one that I have tried to abide by for a long time but honestly haven’t really succeeded in the past which has lead me to the clothes hoarding mess that I have found myself in in 2016. Now I am more stringent and on the odd occasion I do try to sneak something new through under the radar Mathew always holds me accountable. On the flip side to that lately I have been trying to get rid of far more than I am buying, more like a one in five out phase which is helping my space issues tremendously.

Like many girls I grew up dreaming of a big beautiful walk in wardrobe, you know the type, sheepskin rug, freestanding mirror, shoes and bags strategically displayed, a beautiful tray filled with perfumes and somewhere lovely to perch and take it all in. My partner has been kind enough to allow me to take complete ownership of the spare room as my wardrobe but due to my sheer excess of clothes, accessories and just general stuff, at the moment it feels somewhat more like a junk room **cries a little.

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For the longest time I had a lot of trouble clearing out my clothes for a number of reasons. Some of them are perfectly good, some are actually beautiful, others are attached to fabulous memories (purchased in NYC etc), a few are pieces I look awesome in when I’m super thin (and I have held onto incase I get back there) and more than I care to admit were really expensive and are unworn. The list goes on. But essentially if I don’t or shouldn’t wear them they have to in some capacity go. This is where I had to come up with avenues of disposal with which I am comfortable to part with my goodies.


You know those pieces (that aren’t worth a small fortune) you have that your sister or bestie love and look great in, but you just don’t use anymore. Gifting to your friends is a perfect solution for those pieces that aren’t ready to be tossed, aren’t really worthy of selling and you would still like to see around.



Donating to charity is a really positive way to eliminate clutter, however it is important to remember charities receive so many donations and the purpose is for them to be able to make some money from the sale of these pieces in order to help their cause so don’t donate damaged or dirty goods.



Selling is obviously totally fabulous because you get some of the money you have been pouring into your wardrobe back and that to me is always a win. That being said, lets reign it in a little here, this is by no means going to get you rich or get you back what you spent and you must set yourself realistic expectations here. There are many ways to sell your clothes I even see people doing it on Instagram now! I think different avenues are good for different items.

Markets: Stalls at markets are great for pieces that are not too delicate or valuable but are a bit trendy still and still have some good wear left in them – think Kookai. I also think Vintage styles work really well at Markets. You should also choose your market semi carefully, have a mooch around and find one that already has a few fashion stalls there as that is where you will get more buyers looking for what you are selling. Remember: people shopping at a market want a bargain. Be positive look at it is a cumulative total, don’t get hung up on the individual items.


eBay: This is a personal favourite of mine, I have been using it quite a lot lately and I like it for several reasons one big one being that in Winter I can be selling things while cozied up on my couch under my faux fur throw with a nice cup of tea in hand – WIN! Obviously with PayPal everything is secure which is a big one for a lot of people I know. But also it is great to have a flick through other people’s listings to see what similar items are selling for before you list yours, this will help with giving you a more realistic expectation of price too. It must be said here that eBay is a bit of a trust thing, if your garment is damaged, do not hide this, you need to be really honest about the condition of your item and also have a think if you would be happy to receive that piece. Positive feedback scores are very important and will help you to sell your items as will good clear pictures. I find things with some sort of a brand move better on eBay, so my Alannah Hill, Wheels & Dollbaby and Sass & Bide have all done really well on there because people search for brands they know because they are comfortable with their sizing etc. keep this in mind when selecting which pieces to sell on here, and as with markets, don’t overprice things, people shopping on eBay want to find a bargain. Hot Tip: use the eBay app, it is much simpler and quicker to load listings.

Consignment Stores: These can be great for selling your more high end pieces like Christian Louboutin, Pucci, Chloe etc (they can also be a haven for finding a pre-loved designer bargain too). There are a couple of things to remember here. Firstly your piece is now in a store and will be handled, generally pretty well, but handled all the same. Secondly, these stores do tend to take a solid percentage of the sale, anywhere from 30% to 50%. This is definitely something to consider when selling through this avenue and is the reason I am yet to use one. That and apart from some very old Loubs and some even older designer sunnies – both of which I am pretty happy to sell on eBay – I’m not saying goodbye to any of my super high end pieces jussst yet. Some of my favourites are The Real RealBlue Spinach and Eurotrash.


Sometimes you need to be a bit brutally honest, if something is stained, torn, falling apart or just at the end of its life its ok to just throw it out. However if you are a bit of a greeny like my mumma and hate to be wasteful in anyway this one is a good one to remember. Though this is kind of a charity, its not really for anything still wearable almost an alternative to the bin which I like to keep in mind (more for old bed linen and ruined towels) the RSPCA, they need fabric type items for the pooches to sleep on and snuggle in so if you have some to toss, give them a call first to see if they will take it.



There is always a piece that you just aren’t sure about yet. I like to make a mental note on these, and if in six months I still haven’t grabbed for it (and its not specialty gear like snow clothes or something) then it needs to exit my life through one of the other channels.

Need a little motivation?

I made over $900 in April and May selling bits and pieces through eBay, it felt so great, I felt like I had received free money. I sold twenty-two pieces I hadn’t worn for months and some I hadn’t touched in years, and with that money I bought those amazing Aquazzura Amazon stilettos. In my books thats a win. If thats not enough, my rockstar girlfriend Jaimie sold enough old pieces over a four month period to buy a brand new Celine Belt Bag. YES SHE DID!! I remind myself of that story every time I am getting a little slack on the clear out process. I would love to hear what you have managed to do with your eBay/Market/Consignment money?


To me the money is a very welcome and enjoyable bonus but the real motivation comes from wanting to free up space in my soon to be dreamy walk-in-wardrobe. Find what motivates you and keep that in mind the whole way through!


4 thoughts on “RULE 2: One In, One Out

  1. , I have half my wardrobe in zip locked vacume sealed bags under my bed.
    They are fabulous for saving space!!!!
    Some are for the next season and others are for when I get skinny again after this baby.
    Love to know…. What did you do with your $900.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vacuum bags are fantastic I use them for specialty clothes like ski gear and random costumes I own 😊 great space savers. I used the $900 to buy a pair of Aquazzura Amazon heels and the rest went to my piggy bank.


  2. I wait with breath that is baited to see your wardrobe once finished.
    I get a lot of satisfaction out of selling on eBay too. It’s cleansing & bonus money 🙂

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