RULE 3: I Need To Love It

It’s pretty simple really, these days it needs to be love. As I have candidly said several times I essentially own enough clothing and accessories to kit out a small country, so to justify acquiring more, whatever it is, I need to love it. While I will not be ceasing to shop any time soon, I have been getting more and more picky about which pieces to spend money on, which I think has been a positive thing for the development of my wardrobe.

You may remember my mentioning that I have a few large and absurd gaps in my core wardrobe for example, a nude clutch/occasional bag. I know this seems ridiculous as there are obviously several options around, but I had not yet found one that I love and as its something I believe I will use frequently, I just want to be head over heels in love with it.

it needs to have that special ‘Ta Da’ factor..

I have, what I feel to be, a pretty responsible (all things considered) process to assist me in establishing Love, using the nude bag as an example. It firstly needs to check all the boxes..

Nude Bag Checklist 

  • Nude – not pink or cream
  • Leather – no satin or lace as they are impractical and won’t stand the test of time) 
  • Classic – nothing that will date, being a staple piece I wish to still be using it in 5 years time
  • With a Twist – I don’t want it to be boring, it needs to have something special about it
  • Practical Size – nothing huge, but at a minimum I need to be able to fit the essentials in it: phone, keys, lipstick, money and a tissue 

After it ticks all those boxes, it needs to have that special ‘Ta Da’ factor to it, that draws me in, that makes me dream about it and lust after it until I can afford to own it. This usually comes from the ‘With a Twist’ point as it is all about that special extra detail, a bit of python, a tassel, some well placed studs or embroidery. I have recently been crushing hard on the Bvlgari ‘Serpenti Forever‘ bags and the Gucci ‘Dionysus‘ bags both of which have really striking and glam hardware detail. The Bvlgari bag has the beautifully jewelled Serpent head, and the Gucci has a double headed snake at the clasp. I think snakes are a little like leopard print, they are a reliable bit of excitement, they stand the test of time and are exciting still 5 years later.

I do like to wear simple or classic styles, thats why I love when I find what is essentially a totally basic item with a really cool design detail that makes it that little bit different to what I have seen on everyone else. Which I think when we are all doing a bit of shopping at the likes of Zara and Topshop it is nice to have a few unique pieces that every other person isn’t wearing.

As for when I do find Love items, going on past experience, I notice my spending guilts disappear for a while and I am generally happy to spend a little extra on them as they are either really out there and unique or generally just beautiful classic pieces that I will wear year in year out and be very happy when I do.


4 thoughts on “RULE 3: I Need To Love It

  1. Yes very good advice here. We have all had that after purchase panic moment of ok it’s amazing but I’m literally going to get one wear out of it and guilt ruins the experience.


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