Big Sleeves and a Big Balloon

Being woken up by an alarm at 3.10am is generally considered un-ideal, having that happen on the morning of your Birthday without warning, by some, might be considered an outrage (I think my sister Kirsten would have just about died if it were her). But when your very creatively outrageous group of best friends have planned a weekend of surprises in your honour and the alarm goes off at 3.10am, one has to assume it could only mean some kind of wonderous surprise activity.

I was not disappointed. After a 45 minute dark and foggy drive, we turned a corner and I saw this.. worth all 5 hours of missed sleep, just for this first view.

I currently have a justified obsession with Statement Sleeves. For a long time lover of the ‘Jeans and a nice top’ outfit, the current trend of statement sleeves is really quite a fashion joy. At 3.15am all I knew was I was sleepy but I wanted to wear something nice and feel pretty on my birthday. The gingham and ballooned sleeves on this top made it the perfect piece for that vibe, I was very comfortable and felt a little like Dorothy at the end of The Wizard Of Oz, which made me smile too.

Statement Sleeves were everywhere at the most recent circuit of fashion weeks and as a result there are really fun options everywhere in all the fast fashion brands like Storets, ASOS, Style Keepers Boutique, making it so easy to get your hands on some really fun updates for your wardrobe without breaking the bank, which I always find makes it a lot easier to jump on top of a trend.

I am a creature of habit but I don’t always want to feel like I am wearing the same tired outfit to every lunch date I have. This trend is genius as essentially all I am wearing is my comfy jeans and a top, but I felt so put together and chic. But most importantly its easy to wear and merge into your lifestyle, these tops don’t require you to go out and buy new pants, shoes, hats, belts or anything else to go with them, quite the reverse, they slot perfectly into your existing wardrobe – everyone has a pair of jeans. Pick some statement sleeve tops that will go with your fave jeans or denim skirt and you are set.

I actually have a child like infatuation with balloons and I did possibly disclose this to my friend Mike when planning a previous event earlier this year, I would have been totally over the moon to have received a bunch of balloons for my birthday but as usual this group of spectacular individuals took it to another level and put me inside one  ♥♥♥

We finished the day with Breakfast at the beautiful O’Reilly’s Winery (still feeling very appropriately dressed in my gingham puffy sleeved number) in Queensland. We went for a wander, when we discovered out the back of this cute little winery was absolutely the most spectacular Jacaranda tree I have ever seen. I am now officially in love with a tree!

A note to Mike, Jacinta, Jessica + Claire for making my birthday so special, I loved every moment with all of you and am so humbled by the amazing and thoughtful efforts you all went to, to plan it, organise it and keep me surprised the whole way through. It was like a weekend of pass the parcel and I got to unwrap every round.



Paige Denim Margot Jeans in White – These are an old style but JBrand and Paige do similar styles to this

Blue Gingham Top from Style Keepers Boutique – $119.00 – Mine is sold out but they do it in lots of other beautiful colors, I think I might get one in plain white too

Balenciaga Arena Stud Sandals in Bordeaux – $710.00 (approx) – I can’t find the bordeaux color anywhere now but have seen them in Navy from Matches and in Black from Nordstrom. These are a very comfy sandal, they are true to size and are brilliant!! – I would definitely re-purchase.

Celine Catherine Sunglasses in Black + Tortoiseshell (creature of habit) – $400.00 from Marais Melbourne


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