Nine Little Luxuries Under $100

Following on from my last post, I thought it might be helpful to do a list of beautiful gift ideas under $100, as very often that is a cut off point for many people. I was very strict with this number, do you know how many wonderful items sit at $101 and $104?! But I managed to keep this whole list of beautiful and luxurious gifts under the $100 mark. I really hope this list helps you find something beautiful for the special girls in your life. Happy shopping my loves.

1. Byredo Hand Cream

$39 from Mecca Cosmetica


These are a seriously chic and beautiful gift. We all use hand cream, l go through it quicker than ice-cream and this is a particularly lovely one. They come in lots of scents to match their perfumes, my picks are Gypsy Water and Bal d’Afrique

2. Diptyque ‘Do Son’ Solid Perfume

$56 from Mecca Cosmetica 


This is possibly my favourite item on this list. What a beautiful and practical way to carry your perfume with you, this is not leaking in any bags. There is something very old world and special about solid perfumes. My mother had a couple when I was a child and it reminds me of playing with her cosmetics when she wasn’t home (sorry mum). The scent of this is simply stunning, both floral and classic.

3. Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Plated Faux Pearl Earrings

$89 from Net-A-Porter

These are really pretty, pearls are classic and do tend to suit most people, but the cuff style of this earring makes them really on trend and perfect for the festive season (and all the other seasons to follow). Earrings are a great gift as sizing doesn’t matter, I adore statement rings but its just such a gamble, earrings are a no-brainer and these are so gorgeous.

4. Rodin Olio Lusso Lipstick

$55 from Mecca Cosmetica

I know from personal experience this is a great gift, I had one given to me as a gift by a very make-up savvy girlfriend and I was blown away twice. Firstly, the obvious one, the packaging. The packaging on this is so cool, I love that it is clear, not to diss Mac or Nars, but I am a bit over having to read the bottom or open the lid every time I am looking for a specific shade, this packaging is both practical and beautiful. I was blown away again when I used it, it is so beautiful and hydrating to wear. I have it in shade ‘So Mod’ and adore it, its a great pinky nude color.

5. Lack Of Color ‘The Russo’ Hat

$89 from Lack Of Color


A great hat is a perfect gift for this time of year, its hot and sunny and people are going on beach holidays. I absolutely adore this hat, it is a beautiful feminine statement shape, but being straw it behaves like a neutral so it goes with everything. I have a few hats from this brand and am a big fan for a few reasons. Great designs, reasonable price point, good quality, but most of all, they do sizes! I have a tiny head and never fit the ‘one size fits all’ hats from Kookai/Witchery/Seed etc. If you have a friend that can never find a hat small enough or large enough for that matter – this is your shop.

6. Diptyque Candles

$73 from Mecca Cosmetica


I covered this in my previous post, candles are a beautiful gift and a Diptyque candle is such a chic candle to give. There are so many beautiful scents to choose from you should go in to a store and have a play. My personal favourite at the moment is Mimosa because it really smells like a delicious mimosa ♥ mmm.. perfect for warm days.

7. The Daily Edited Cosmetic Pouch

$89.95 (including basic monogramming) from The Daily Edited

I love the idea of personalised gifts. The Daily Edited do heaps of great little everyday items in simple leather that you can have personalised with peoples initials complimentary. I think this is the perfect gift for someone that has everything, most of their items are pretty practical, but the personalisation shows you have put a little extra thought in and makes it that little bit extra special for the recipient to use.

8. Chantecaille Protect The Lion Pride Blush

$58 from Mecca Cosmetica (in-store only) 

Where do I even start, this is tied for my favourite item in this post, it is limited edition so I may need to take some steps to put it under my own tree this year (to me, love from me). I really feel this speaks for itself, it is such a pretty product, in an equally pretty shade. Any girl would be smiling opening this on Christmas morning. Well done Chantecaille you officially nailed it.

9. Agent Provocateur Sparkle Embroidered Panties

$95 from Net-A-Porter

There is something very luxe about a beautiful pair of knickers. Not ‘raunchy’ ones as I think thats a bit seedy, but pretty feminine panties are so special. And this pair is seriously pretty, the pale pink tule, the floral pattern, the sparkle, they have it all!! I will say to give someone underwear you probably want to be pretty close to them, its probably a bit of a boyfriend/best-friend/sister type gift, but I have a lot of best friends that I have given and received knickers to/from and it has always been successful so I am including them because I think they are a brilliant idea for something a bit different.

**Agent Provocateur is available in the bigger David Jones stores, but not on their website, so if you are a hands on shopper head to DJs otherwise, Net-A-Porter have very comparable pricing and some of the speediest international shipping I have ever experienced, think 3-4 days quick! I cannot speak highly enough of their service and packaging. 


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