Gift Guide: Ten Gift Ideas For Him

Hi my loves. As promised, albeit a little late, here is my Gift Guide full of ideas for him this Christmas. I have tried to include a range of price points and obviously I think the pieces I chose are fabulous, but maybe play with the item as a starting point rather than the specific I chose in some cases – e.g. Cologne is very personal and you should select that based on what you love.

1. A New Wallet

$489 Tom Ford from Mr Porter

He uses it every day, in and out of back pockets, wallets take a beating. So its understandable that every couple of years they need a fresh one. And what better gift than one that has him thinking of you every time he uses it (daily, several times a day ♥).  There are so many black wallets around, I like to choose something a little different, still classic but not black. I think this one from Tom Ford is so perfectly masculine and sleek.

2. Funky Board Shorts For Summer 

$99.95 from The Rocks Push 

Board shorts are a great gift for this time of year, coming into our Summer, he will use them! I love buying Mathew boardies as a cheeky gift, I feel like you can have a little bit of fun with them, I found these ones with mermaids (far right) on them and think they are so brilliant. Have a play on ‘The Rocks Push’ website, there are tons of fun prints and a few different styles to choose from.

3. A New Cologne

$128 for 50ml Amazingreen by Comme Des Garçons from Mecca

A new cologne is a bit of a no brainer gift I know, but finding one a bit out of the ordinary is the twist. We have all had the pleasure of knowing the Joop boy (hahahahaha), Mr Armani Code and the Chanel Allure guy. But when you smell your man and he smells amazing and nothing like your ex-boyfriend, your best friends man or the guys at work, that is delightful and totally in your control. Go and explore some scents outside of the usual suspects.

4. A Prada Reversible Belt

$679 from Neiman Marcus

Accessories do make the outfit, this absolutely applies to men as well! This belt is two for one which is perfect for travelling light and still having options, but mostly I actually just think it is a really beautiful belt. The hardware on Prada belts is so lush too, go into a store here and have a play they are beautiful. Hugo Boss is another great option for mens belts, great quality and a little cheaper than Mr Prada.

5. Bose QC35 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones 


$499 from Bose 

Straight from the horses mouth – I wanted to include some tech in this list as I know men are into gadgets and the latest tech so I had to get Mathew’s advice on headphones as he is the master of all things tech in our house, he showed me three options and I felt these were the sleekest. Of course you can get Beats, but everyone has them and these are really cool and apparently an incredible pair of headphones!

6. Exciting Socks 

Gift Sets: Bamboozld $39.95 + Happy Socks $59.95 

Yes yes yes, socks I know. But trust me these are a good one and not just for Christmas either. I buy these for Matt all year round as little reward presents when he has been super wonderful to me. They wash and wear really well and are always coming out with fun new prints so you never run out of reward gifts or stocking stuffers. My two go-to brands are both sold at David Jones; Bamboozled and Happy Socks, at $15-$17 a pair, they are a perfect little gift to have on hand. I have given these, I have had friends receive these and advised other friends to buy these and so far its a 100% satisfaction strike rate. The gift packs above are my favourites at the moment but there are tons on there so have a play.

7. Sonnenschein Framed Leather Manicure Set

$110 from German Manicure Sets

I received the sweetest little lilac manicure set as a Christmas gift from one of my gymnastics students (so long ago I am embarrassed to say) nonetheless, I still use it and when I am not looking so does Matt, I find him hiding on the balcony doing his nails with my pretty lilac manicure set. It got me thinking that men actually need these, most of them aren’t like us girlies, they don’t go to the nail salon to get their hands and toes pampered so they need a fully equipped kit (of their own!). This one from German Manicure Sets has everything they need and a few extras. If you want to get really fancy though, have a look at the totally luxe kits from Czech and Speake on Mr Porter.

8. Lanvin Cap Toe Sneakers 

$365 from Mr Porter

We always have so many shoes, the boys frequently get left behind. I find they always buy themselves sports shoes and work shoes but not much in between so I love finding a bit of a statement shoe (again, accessories make the outfit) to lift his wardrobe a little. These cap toe sneakers from Lanvin are seriously suave but also such a comfortable style for men to wear. I am just loving the burgundy tone of these, but they do them in so many colors and materials have a peak on Mr Porter – that site is a serious treasure trove for mens goodies.

9. Mulberry Medium Clipper Overnight Bag 

$836 from Mr Porter

This is the kind of item you buy once and keep for a decade or more so it is nice to get him a bit more of a special one. And it is important to get a durable one so that he can really use it. I love this Mulberry overnight bag, the tan leather details really make it feel special and the coated canvas (not dissimilar to what Louis Vuitton do) makes it sturdy and durable without being too heavy before he’s loaded it up.

**Bonus, now that he has a luxe weekend bag of his own, he needs to take you away on lots of weekend adventures so he can use it ♥

10. IWC Portugieser Steel And Navy Alligator Chronograph Watch 

Approx $11,000     

Obviously we had a bit of a price jump here but I had to throw one lust list item in here and look how seriously beautiful this one is! If money were no object I would buy this for Mathew in a heartbeat. I will link Mr Porter on this one as they do sell it so you can have a look, but as with anything at this price point I would suggest doing a little leg work before purchasing as there is a lot of wiggle room to save some pennies there, and if buying from overseas there are hefty import taxes to consider too so if you can find a good price in Australia you may be better off purchasing here.


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