Cleaning Up My Life: Sunday Routine 

Hey my loves, sorry for the radio silence this year..

I have been wanting to do this post (among a few others) for a while now, and I think it is a positive one to come back to my blog on, so here goes…

I will start with a small disclaimer that I would be lying if I told you I do this all every Sunday but I try to do this to the full extent at least one Sunday out of the month and a mini version of it on the other Sundays. I find by dedicating a day to catch up on maintaining all areas of my life I feel refreshed, and ready for a really positive and organized week ahead.


Make The Bed

Yes, yes I know it seems like an obvious one, but anyone thats ever lived or stayed with me (in my adult years – sorry Mum, you missed out on this habit) can vouch for the fact that I am pretty anal about this one. It is the first thing I do everyday.

A few years ago I heard what is still one of my favourite speeches, it was given by Admiral William H. McRaven to the graduating students of the University of Texas. He gave some incredibly well delivered positive life advice which starts off with  ‘If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed…’

“If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.

By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter.

If you can’t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.

And, if by chance you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that is made — that you made — and a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.

If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed”

If you have never heard the speech, it is definitely worth a watch, I would be very surprised if you didn’t find something in there to take away or that resonates with you.

For me making the bed is a daily must, but on Sundays I like to change the whole linen set for an extra sparkly fresh bed. There is honestly not too many feelings more delightful than crawling into a bed of fresh linen at the end of the day.


Load Up The Washing

Following on from number one I wash and dry all my linen and then generally have two other loads to do throughout the day, these obviously take time to wash and then dry so I like to start early so I can get through all 3-4 loads in the one day. I like to get through it all in one day because I hate having loads of washing hanging around our tiny apartment as it just feels so cluttered and then I get all kinds of antsy.

Clean & Tidy Everything

The apartment, the kitchen, the bathrooms and the floors. This one can be a little bit of a drag but with the right music it doesn’t take as long as you’d think and it is such gratifying work because you see the results as you are working. I like to try and use natural cleaning products as much as I can as I live in a small apartment so the fumes from lots of cleaning products in one tiny space can be a bit overwhelming so I am actually a big fan of that Earth Choice brand (you can buy it at Coles) they have great stuff for the kitchen, laundry and floors etc. But two products I will not give up is Jif for the shower – I have literally tried everything in there and that is the only one that works properly with less effort than most other products and Windex for my extensive collection of glass surfaces.


Light Candles

A little reward for getting all my cleaning out of the way, I like to light a candle in each room (this sounds more extravagant than it is, our apartment has 4 rooms) sometimes a couple in the living room to take away the smell of any yucky cleaning products, it really is such a lovely way to lightly scent your house. I am currently totally obsessed with Bibliothèque from Byredo it is such a perfect scent for a home its not too girly either so the boy doesn’t mind me burning it every day.


Choose Outfits For The Week Ahead

I actually think this is a fun one and I find it really saves me time in the mornings before work because I am not searching for that top that turns out to be in the wash or trying to find stockings to go with the dress etc. But also this is where getting all the washing done comes in handy as everything is clean and fresh ready to mix and match. So I like to map out my five outfits making sure I am not wearing the same shoes two days in a row (believe it or not that is purely a comfort thing) and then hang them all up together up one end of my wardrobe.

The Big Shower

I didn’t really know how to word this, but that tends to be what I say to my partner when I am going to literally disappear into the bathroom for the better part of a two hour period. Its that big shower session where I wash my hair and do a treatment, shave my legs, do a full body coffee scrub, tint my brows (I buy the tint from Hairhouse Warehouse and it lasts me like two years, it is so easy to use and makes my brows look 1000% better), blow dry my hair and do a face mask. It may seem like a chore but when I set aside time to do it and I don’t have to rush and again have some good tunes playing it becomes a very enjoyable process.


Load Five Items Onto eBay

This is why I do my face mask last, so it can stay on while I perch on my freshly fluffed up couch and load items onto my eBay account, I set myself a five item target each week though some weeks I go nuts and load like twenty on. But five is a manageable number and it keeps me on my wardrobe decluttering track.


Do My Nails

This is a new addition to my routine, and is part of my new money saving plan and to be quite honest its not nearly as hard as I thought it would be, also I actually feel like my nails look better than they did when I was paying $70+ to have them done at the salon every two weeks. They are also much stronger as they aren’t covered with shellac all the time. My tip here is to go with a light color as if you do make a mistake or they chip during the week its not very noticeable.

Netflix & Chill

While I wait for my nails to be super dry and also just as a sit down/time-out thing, I like to catch up on my Youtube Vlogs that I follow or watch some Netflix with my candles going and a fresh cup of Tea and just unwind in my now very beautifully clean and organised surroundings.


I really find spending a day getting your life a little more organised helps the rest of your days flow better and is so good for your mental state – well it helps mine anyway. I would love to hear your ‘clean your life up in a day’ tips or if you found mine helpful, let me know in the comments below.




4 thoughts on “Cleaning Up My Life: Sunday Routine 

  1. I love this! This has motivated me to do the same thing. Every morning I rush for work, try to find clothes and feel like all I do is rush and get frustrated.
    I shall begin by making my bed.
    I love your organisation, your outfit planning, Wishlist templates lol you are fabulous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really does help! It’s just one less thing to think about when you’re a bit tired in the morning which is nice. I think so many people underestimate the impact of a made bed.. especially in a small space! We spend all that time and money choosing nice linen, it should have a chance to look beautiful! I’m so glad you liked this post and have taken something positive away from it 🙂


  2. Nice one Katja, your mother would be proud of you. Every working girl should know about wardrobe planning, guaranteed to reduce stress in the mornings. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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