Spring Beauty Favourites

Hi my loves, so Spring is here and after four or five months of wearing long pants and boots, using hairdryers every other day and having heaters on all the time it is finally starting to warm up and time to start showing a little skin again. I find generally the change in seasons can really throw my skin around anyway, so with all this factored in this is a time when I like to give myself a little extra TLC. These are my personal favorite beauty products for at home pampering from top to toe…

Plex Hair Treatments


Ola Plex No.2 + No.3

After a long Winter of using the hairdryer every time I wash my hair, my poor strands do start to need some serious love. If you haven’t heard about Plex treatments then get Googling! These have literally revolutionised the hair industry. Ola-Plex is a three part treatment system, the first part is added to your actual color, No.2 is used as a treatment in salon immediately post color prior to shampooing and No.3 is an at home treatment. I managed to get my hands on No.2 to use at home (I linked the eBay seller I went through above) so I have been using both 2 & 3 and am loving the changes I have seen from only two treatments. The technology is insane from my understanding it basically rebuilds the bonds within the hair shaft, and from my experience it is actually doing everything it promises! I have also tried the Schwarzkopf version ‘Fibre Plex’, which I think is a little easier to find and buy and felt the results from that were pretty fantastic also.

Verso Sheet Masks


Verso Deep Hydration Mask

Game Changer! These are incredible. They do exactly what they promise. They hydrate and plump your skin like nothing I have ever used and leave it feeling incredible (better than many salon facials I have payed top dollar for). The results last, I would say a good 5-7 days, which is pretty spectacular for a single over the counter product. They aren’t cheap at $110 for 4 masks but honestly I would and have been happily swapping these for in salon facial treatments. If you are nervous to commit that much money yourself get 3 other girlfriends together and buy a pack to share, make a night of it all together with a chick flick and some yummy snacks.

Sunday Riley Face Oils


Juno Oil

Sunday Riley oils have been a little hyped on social media and to be honest I pretty well just ignored them until 5 months ago when my beauty guru girlfriend told me she loved this product more than botox, well, I obviously had to give it a go, at $132 a bottle it took me a minute or three to get onto it as I was a little hesitant over the price but I took home a sample pot (thank you Mecca for your fabulous sample pots) and after 10 days of using this product I was not disappointed. I noticed my skin was more even in tone and smoother in texture but mostly it has helped rejuvenate my skin again. Sadly for my bank balance I think I will be buying this one for a long time to come.

Everybodi.co Coffee Scrubs


Peppermint Magnesium & Coffee Scrub

I have super sensitive skin (echzema, dermatitis, hay-fever, allergies to soap and a whole list of other fabulous things) so when the Frank coffee scrubs came out and I saw the results other sensitive skin people were getting I was very eager to try it and have been using it ever since, and it really is such a fantastic product so I never saw the need to change it up. Until I found this one. Everybodi.co use magnesium in their scrub and it is honestly so soothing after a session at the stairs or a long run. Unfortunately my tiny apartment does not have a bath for me to soak my aching muscles in so this genius little addition to an already brilliant product has been a god send. Thanks Everybodi.co!

Nail Products from OPI


Doing my own nails has meant that my nail kit has grown a little (lot) but I have noticed that there are a couple of products that I bought which have genuinely been game changers and a couple that I am just loving because, well just because. below is a list of the products and the first two have been game changers for me, the drops are actually like magic, firstly they are idiot proof to use – precision not required, but mainly because only five minutes later I’m good for light use of my hands so I don’t have to spend the next 4 hours not moving. Tickle-My-Francey is my color of choice at the moment and I am obsessed with it, its the perfect nudey greyed out mushroom shade (so brilliantly explained, go me!) It goes with everything all my Winter clothes and I wore it all through Italy with all my Summer dresses and it was perfect with them. It is Perrrfect.

  1. OPI Drip Dry Drops
  2. OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment
  3. OPI Infinite Shine in Tickle-My-Francey 
  4. Tweezerman 4-Way Nail Buffer 

I would love to hear your at home beauty faves! Or if you have tried or do try any of the beauties I mentioned above I would love to hear how you went with them?


2 thoughts on “Spring Beauty Favourites

  1. Love that OPI colour. I’d love to give it a go. Everybodi peppermint scrub was my fav until I tried their raw cacao flavour.. that one is now my new fav from them. One product I’d love to add to your essentials list is Skinceuticals Serum 15 – vitamin c (lascorbic acid)… my skin literally stops glowing when I stop using that. Have been using it for 6 years and it’s a must have! Loved this spring pamper blog!

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    1. Isn’t it just the prettiest color! I’m actually not a huge chocolate fan, I generally get overwhelmed by the smell of chocolatey scented products so I stay away but I know I’m the weird one there so I think it will be popular. This Vitamin C serum is sounding awesome though, I may need to hunt that down!!


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