Uniform: Boots And Sweaters

So its Spring, but I live in Melbourne so its kind of like welcome to the end of Winter still not quite the beginning of Spring. Anyway I think I have a few more weekends of wearing sweaters and boots for my brunch uniform which simply means I get to rotate all my favourites one last time before it really starts to warm up.


In the colder months I basically live in jeans, sweaters and boots. It is just an easy outfit to throw together in which I know my feet will be nice and warm and I will be comfortable. I have absolutely loved how playful this years knitwear was I am really hopeful that this trend will continue through to next Winter as its such a fun trend and so easy to find great sweaters on the high street, most of mine this year came from Zara!


This one was not high street but it was not crazy expensive. I found this amazing Isabel Marant Sweater in the Black Friday sales late last year and have been loving it right through Autumn/Winter. For most of Winter it has had to be hidden under my big coats, now that the trans-seasonal weather is here again I am not feeling like I need my coat as often and the Sweater is enough on its own which I just love.


I was actually a bit nervous buying this one as I hadn’t been able to try it on anywhere and I had never owned anything from Isabel Marant before so I was really guessing on the size. But it fit like a glove and I am obsessed with all the pretty details of the cut outs and the scalloping on the collar and it even has little padded shoulders (no not like your mums mega shoulder pads from the 80s) which I actually really like on my frame I feel like it balances out my chest really nicely.


My only negative with it is that I had seen some bloggers wearing it with nothing but a black bra underneath which looked so sexy for a night out. But if I am honest while its definitely not crazy itchy it is too itchy to not wear anything between it and my skin.


These beautiful bordeaux Stuart Weitzman Highland boots have been an absolute favourite through Winter for me. I think they look so chic with all black or with blue jeans and ivory tops. The bordeaux color is so rich in the suede and they are a perfect color match with my favourite Givenchy bag which has meant they have slotted into my wardrobe very easily. But I am also looking forward to wearing them with long sleeved dresses in Autumn. I have a favourite Ivory one I think they are going to look beautiful with.


But more than looking good, they are crazy comfortable. Which to me is equally as important. I have officially stopped buying things that hurt me and I will be buying another pair of these in Black Suede as I know I will wear them to death. SW have created the perfect combination of a heel just high enough to look sexy without being so high that after an hour you need to sit down, and its just thin enough that it is sexy but thick enough that you can walk on cobble stones and other annoying surfaces without tumbling to your death or needing to alter the way you walk. These boots are perfection.



Never skip over the details. I am obsessed with the thick silver hardware on my Antigona bag so I always like to throw on a piece of silver jewellery to compliment it. My bag is in the medium size which is perfect for what I use it for – work everyday – but unless you really have the need to carry a lot I would recommend the size down, it is a little cuter and a lot lighter as the leather is very very thick and luxurious on this baby she gets very heavy at times.


Outfit Details

Sweater: Isabel Marant Ilia Sweater in Grey (Sold Out)

Jeans: Paige Denim Margot High Waisted in Black

Boots: Stuart Weitzman Highland in Bordeux Suede

Bag: Givenchy Antigona Medium in Oxblood

Bracelet: Tiffany & Co

Shades: Celine Shadows in Black/Tortoiseshell


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