My Six Spring Rituals

The Sun has started to come out regularly, Mangoes are readily available again (finally) and Daylight Savings started TODAY!!!  I am certainly feeling some Spring vibes. So I thought this week I would share with you a few of my favourite ways to kickstart that Spring vibe.

1. Breakfast

Obviously I eat Breakfast all year round, but in Winter when it is cold and dreary every other day, you will find me nestled with my daily mug of hot porridge. The onset of Spring has me switching porridge for a nutri-bullet Banana & Kale smoothie, I instantly feel far more energised than I do after my porridge. Don’t get me wrong here I love to eat dairy but I do find cutting it out of my morning routine (especially if I am going to exercise after) has me feeling a lot less icky going into my day.

My brekky smoothie: 1 organic banana, 1 organic raw egg (trust me, try it once), organic kale, a handful of organic frozen berries, fill with coconut water.


2. Post Work Run

One of my absolute favourite things about the warmer months is that daylight savings kicks in and all of a sudden its light until 8pm and I can go for a nice long run along the beach after I get home from work. This ones not rocket science – exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy – GET MOVING!

Shopaholic tip: If you’re finding it hard to get motivated, try buying some new kit. My gorgeous friend Jaimie and I truly believe that fabulous new workout gear has magical powers and will help put extra spring in your step.



3. Spring Clean

I don’t know too many people (I do know a couple) who live in a Vogue Living spread, and I don’t expect to, its not manageable or practical, however, its amazing how good you will feel about your sanctuary from just one solid day of elbow grease, give everything a good clean, open up some windows and let the sunshine in (you will probably need to after all that Ajax) maybe even re-evaluate a few minor details, a cushion here, a candle there. It clears my mind to have clean and organised surroundings.



4. Smell The Flowers

After all that cleaning I like to buy myself a beautiful flower, usually an Orchid and a new candle to freshen up my entrance way. Fresh flowers bring so much life to a space but I simply can’t afford to be buying $80 worth of flowers every week (I need those precious pennies for shoes) so a potted orchid is perfect for me as I find if I look after it I usually get about 2-3 months out of it. Having it in the entrance is nice too as I get to enjoy it every day as I leave and come home.


5. Calendar Queen

The starting of Spring does bring with it a lot of fabulous social events, now that the sun is making a regular appearance everyone is suddenly ready to commit to getting out and about at various events. From casual BBQs with friends and family to the Spring Racing Carnival and Wedding season, it can all start to get a bit hectic overnight so I like to make sure that I have everything clearly marked out on the calendar. This allows me to make appropriate plans ahead of events, not double book myself and squeeze in last minute plans with my favourite people where I have little gaps.

6. Girly Fashion Moments

Saving my favourite ritual til last! I love Spring fashion, its so re-freshing and pretty after another Melbourne Winter living in Black. I like to whip out one of my girliest dresses and make a day of it almost as soon as Spring really sets in kind of like a Spring coming out moment for my wardrobe. I love Zimmermann for Spring because I think they genuinely do the most beautiful floral prints





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