My Best Designer Purchases

Hi my loves.

This is one I have been thinking about for a while, I absolutely love watching Youtube videos on this topic, for many reasons but mostly because very often people will talk about a piece I am lusting after and point out either its utter brilliance or bring to my attention some food for thought against buying said beauty. Anyway I thought I would start with my Favorite Purchases just in time (ish) before Christmas, hopefully my post will be helpful to some of you. It will absolutely be followed up with my Worst Purchases List but I thought better to kick off with the positives.

1. Gucci Soho Disco Bag


This bag is at the top of this list for good reason. Since getting it in April 2016 I have not had a week go by that I haven’t used it. I basically grab it every weekend. It is seriously just the best weekend run-a-round bag I have ever had. Being plain black it goes with everything, and while I love decorative hardware on a bag, the lack of it on this one is actually a huge plus as I feel it makes it more neutral, but the tassel on the zip makes up for it in spades (who doesn’t love a tassel!). Being very frank of all my pieces this is the one I would tell you to buy as an entry into designer because its not crazy expensive (roughly $1300) and you will absolutely use it!

2. Prada Madras Cross Body Bag


This was a bit of an odd purchase on a trip to Italy in 2012, I had my heart set on buying something from Prada while I was in Milan from their beautiful flagship store. But when I went there I really struggled to love anything so I ‘settled’ on this little bag because I didn’t have anything in the tan family and it was not too expensive compared to other pieces that were there, I think it was 950 Euro or there about. I didn’t wear it very much for the next 12 months and then all of a sudden it became my favourite summer bag and I have not stopped using it ever since. Five years on and I still love it.

3. Givenchy Antigona in Oxblood Textured Leather


This was actually a bag that I hunted and hunted for in Australia and then gave up on it because everywhere I went just had Black or Nude. Then on my last trip to Singapore I asked just by chance while my girlfriend was looking at something else in Givenchy if they had any other colors and out it came, I nearly died, this was the one yes yes yes! I had to have it and so glad I did. I have used it basically every day at work ever since. It is such a classic chic style, it holds everything I could possibly need it to and the textured leather which is actually Goat, is soo durable I take reasonable care of my bags but being my everyday bag it gets knocked about a bit and honestly you wouldn’t know. The color is so rich and beautiful too, being a true Melbourne-ite spending a lot of time in all black this is the perfect pop of color to break up an outfit I love it. Mine is a medium which is perfect for what I use it for, if I was to buy one for weekend use though I would definitely size down as this is a big bag and when full gets pretty heavy. I just found it on Net-A-Porter too, they have re-made the same color again!

4. Chanel Classic Flap Mini Square


I don’t think this one needs a whole lot of explanation. A Chanel Classic Flap is a fantastic investment. I was given this bag as a gift to cheer me up during a very rubbish time in my life by an incredibly generous admirer so apart from the obvious reasons for loving it, its actually quite sentimental to me. I would love another in either the Medium or Jumbo size in Black Caviar with gold or silver hardware. Perhaps one day I will sell enough of my other pieces to purchase that one but for now I absolutely love this bag, it is classic and chic and in another seven years it will still be just as fabulously classic and cute.

For those that aren’t aware, classic Chanel bags by some are quite literally considered to be an investment as if well looked after, they actually appreciate in value over time. This particular one is not one I would ever sell but for those needing some extra confidence for buying their first Chanel that may be the extra nudge you needed ♥ #enabler

5. Alexander McQueen Lace Knuckle Duster


This is not a practical bag, it doesn’t hold very much and is heavy, however, it holds my phone, keys and lipstick and is so beautiful that I don’t care about much else. Being black I have actually worn it quite a lot for an evening bag and every time I wear it I get so many comments on it. This is one that lives in my bag collection, which is really just my special pieces that I have hunted for and would never sell. This was a bag from one of McQueen’s final collections so I really needed to have it – obviously.

6. Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots


I lusted after these boots for ages and when I got them I finally understood why they are a cult favorite of so many celebrities and bloggers. These boots are so comfy! I have bigger calves and ankles (not huge, just not dainty) and I find a lot of boots quite restrictive especially when I try to wear them with jeans tucked in, but not these, they go on like a dream and the heal height is perfect because it is high enough to look sexy but low enough and thick enough to be able to wear them all day walking around. I have them in Burgundy and LOVE them so now I obviously need them in Black!

7. Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boots


I had been needing a pair of flat black over the knee boots for about three years and when I accumulated $700 in David Jones vouchers I thought better I save them and put them towards a wardrobe gap. These are so perfect I was choosing between these and the lowlands but I like that these are a bit different to my highlands. I picked mine up on sale for around $830 and would recommend if you like these to search online and find them on sale as I think their full price of $1140 is a bit steep but I was very happy to use my vouchers for these. I have worn them a ton this Winter and they are super comfy.

8. Longchamp Le Pliage


I received mine as a gift from one of my very beautiful girlfriends for my 21st birthday, it is still going strong and I absolutely love it. It is a super useful bag I use this almost every day as some sort of gym or beach bag and I take it on every overseas trip too as it folds into nothing and on the way back you can fill it with goodies purchased from overseas. I think its also quite a chic bag and as far as price point goes its such great value for fairly little money (roughly $170 depending on the size etc).

9. Burberry Down Quilted Coat – so chic, so incredibly warm


I bought this coat before we went to Japan for a ski holiday as I didn’t really own any proper Winter coats and I figured before an overseas trip is a great time to buy an expensive piece as then I could claim the tax back. I wore it everyday throughout that holiday and was totally cosy even on the super cold nights up in the snow. That was almost four years ago now and I have basically lived in it every Winter since. It actually has made a lot of my other coats kind of redundant.

10. Celine Shadow Sunglasses 


This happens to be the pair I am singling out for this, as over the last eighteen months I have pretty much worn them to death. But generally I would say that for me designer sunglasses have proven to be a good purchase. In comparison to other designer items (bags, shoes & ready to wear) they are very inexpensive and they really finish off an outfit. I am so glad I bought these in particular as they have a totally different look to any others that I have. They are modern and edgey but the tortoiseshell makes them somehow soft at the same time. As an obvious side note, big sunglasses not only look chic but they hide the evidence of so many sins! These plus a messy topknot have been my go to for a rushed morning escape.

I hope you enjoyed my Best Designer Purchases list and maybe you even found it a little helpful for your own shopping decisions. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite purchases have been or if you had been looking at any of the pieces I have mentioned above.




5 thoughts on “My Best Designer Purchases

  1. The McQueen!!! It was funny reading this blog as I feel like I know all of these bags well too hehe. As you well know I am in love with Prada madras. Mad love.
    An enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to the worst buys!

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  2. Love your little woven tan Prada, but I thought you only went to Milan so you could visit La Scala 😉 Lucky you ‘accidentally’ wandered past Prada while you were there xx

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