My Worst Designer Purchases

Hi my loves, as promised here is my (mildly heartbreaking) list of Worst Designer Purchases. A quick disclaimer, there is no item on this list that I don’t find beautiful, you may have one of these pieces and absolutely love it, however for one reason or another they just haven’t turned out to be good purchases for me.

1. Chanel Grand Shopping Tote


I bought this Bag in 2012 in Italy and was so excited to be buying a Chanel bag with my own saved pennies, but if I am totally honest it wasn’t a well thought out purchase I was really just buying Chanel for the sake of buying Chanel. And yes I am so aware of how painfully stupid that is. The style of this bag is not me at all, I have worn it a grand total of three times since purchasing it mid 2012. The only plus I can give this one is that being a very classic Chanel style it has held its value and when I finally get around to selling it, I won’t lose money on it at all.

Lesson: Do not purchase Chanel without bulk planning, failing that buy classic so it will at least retain value 

2. Christian Louboutin Maggie Limited Edition Carved Leather


These were a very rushed decision, one in which I allowed myself to be pressured by sales girls back when there was only one Christian Louboutin Store in Australia. They are a size 38 and I am a size 39, but I listened to their stories of how they will stretch blah blah. I wore them once to go out for dinner and they have not been worn again since, they are a full size too small with a steel toe cap, thinking they would stretch was foolish and this purchase was really just a dumb decision.

Lesson: Do not buy shoes that don’t fit you.

3. Emilio Pucci Newton Bag in Navy


I actually really wanted this in the size down but couldn’t find it so I settled for the medium size. Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful bag. Probably one of the most luxuriously made bags I have, it is lined in the softest suede and is made of this thick smooth soft leather. But I don’t get the wear out of it I had hoped to and it breaks my heart because I just find it to be this awkward size. Its just too large to use as an evening bag, too small for work and just hasn’t been one I reach for for weekend use, which sadly has made it wasteful for me and therefore I have had to put it on this list.

Lesson: Never ‘settle’ during designer purchasing

4. Chanel Silk Scarves

The idea of having all these beautiful scarfs from Chanel, Dior, Hermes was a bit of a whimsical childhood dream for me, fast forward to 2010, I acquired a couple of very pretty Chanel Silk Scarves and sadly I think I either just chose badly (for usability) or maybe I am just not quite chic enough to know what on earth to do with them??? Alas they have just sat in boxes for the better part of seven years. This is simply something I need to work on changing or I will have to sell them as it makes me sad having such beautiful things going to waste like that.

5. Celine Phantom Luggage


This one actually breaks my fashion loving heart. I coveted this bag for three whole years and when I finally committed and went in to buy it I was so excited I was literally dancing in the store. There is no denying it is a very chic and of the moment bag, so why is it on this list? Well I am by no means a small girl, I am five foot eight and I have some solid curves, but this bag is too big for me. I can’t quite put my finger on it, I think its the depth of the bag, as in it comes forward off the body too far, it is like this big huge box in front of me and its just too much. On top of that it can’t go over my shoulder at all, but being so big it is quite heavy so carrying it for any kind of long period of time in the crook of your arm can be downright painful. I hated putting this bag on this list because it is soo beautiful and when I see others wearing it (bloody social media) it looks soo chic, but it just doesn’t work for me and I don’t wear it at all so this one needs to go.

Lesson: Just because it looks incredible on someone else’s social media does not mean it is a good purchase for your wardrobe

6. Valentino Mini Rockstud Backpack 


Backpacks.. They are still very very trendy and I still think this particular one is super cute, because it is! However, I haven’t found it to work that well in my wardrobe or with my style. I simply don’t use it, I think possibly because it can really only be worn with both straps over the shoulder – ie: it doesn’t sit well casually slung over one shoulder. I actually keep thinking toward selling this one, because I feel it should be loved and used by someone, but it is so cute that I keep hesitating and thinking perhaps I can find ways to wear it, and justify its required closet space.

Lesson: Seriously consider trend items and their place in your wardrobe 

7. Stuart Weitzman Highland boots in Praline (Beige Suede)


Now obviously I also had the SW Highlands on my Best Designer Purchases List, so you may be thinking why have I got them on my worst list? Well, this comes back to my shopping Rule No 1 Post, sadly I am not immune from needing to remind myself of the rules sometimes. I bought these to go with my beautiful Celine Phantom (the heartbreak continues). however, not using the bag is not the main reason these didn’t work for me, Beige + Suede + Boots + Melbourne = not all that practical! I would love to think I am able to keep myself so pristine all the time that I can pull off things like beige suede boots and white jeans because oh my it is so chic, but I like to get out and about and everytime I have gone to put these on its just not been a good plan so I grabbed something darker and my life-friendly instead. Alas, I have actually never worn them and these are to be sold.

Lesson: Do not buy pale suede tones for Winter footwear

8. Nick Fouquet Handmade Pink Felt Hat 


Where do I start on this one? I very much got caught up in the moment here and while I still do think this is an absolutely fabulously fun hat, and I do wear a hat quite well (this is not me blowing my own trumpet, not everyone can wear hats, I can). But a statement candy pink hat is not the easiest item to integrate into your wardrobe and not for lack of trying, I have not been able to. I think I have worn it twice, maybe three times in 3 years – time for this baby to go.

Lesson: Avoid getting caught up in the moment of group shopping! 

I will say a big positive to writing this list and reading through each of the items, I now have a few pointers to help me avoid buying items that will land on this list again. Most of the items on this list I am either currently selling or prepping to sell as they are all in near perfect condition, some totally pristine and unused, so I strongly feel that they deserve to find new happy loving homes with fashion obsessives that will wear them like they need to be. Obviously this will create more space in my existing wardrobe and possibly a few spare pennies with which to buy myself something special!!




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