Luxury Gift Guide For Her

Its nearly Christmas again! I’d like to say I was more organised, but this year has gotten away from me and I haven’t even bought one Christmas present yet! So while I am finding inspo for my own gift shopping I thought I would share some of it with you…

1. An Ultra Luxe Candle 


Fornasetti candles from $253 at Mecca

By now I think you all know how I feel about beautiful candles, they make the perfect gift. Fornasetti candles are next level luxury. Above are just three of my favourite designs The Architecture candle is so chic it reminds me of the houses on Lake Como, the Ortensia is so pretty with the Hydrangeas & the bee and then the Scimmie candle with all the Monkeys pouring Champagne, it is so so gorgeous! Their price point makes them a little bit more of a special treat than most on the market, however, they are designed to take on a second life after you’ve finished burning them. The smaller ones with lids are perfect to store things in your bathroom (the chicest way to store cotton buds ever) or kitchen and the extra large ones are the perfect pot for an orchid or other indoor plant – there you go, price point totally justified.

Tip: Just remember to choose one that will sit beautifully with the decor in the house of the recipient as she will want to display this one for years to come.

2. Pure Silk Pyjamas 


$299 from Peter Alexander & David Jones

Extra Luxe: Olivia Von Halle blush ones $540 from Net-A-Porter they are pyjamas of dreams (pictured) 

Silk pyjamas scream luxe!! Many of my girlfriends, myself included spend a hefty amount of time in our pyjamas, so having Silk ones to lounge about in is extra special. I have linked above full Pyjamas but there are many around that are shorts and cami’s if that is more your thing, I just like the full PJs as I think they are better for both lounge wear and sleepwear.

♥ Too late for Christmas now, but you could order for yourself to have as a treat anytime, The White Company from the UK do the most beautiful soft grey silk PJs

Hot tip: do not attempt to replicate this aesthetic with ‘satin’, the beauty of 100% Silk is that it is a natural fibre so it allows the skin to breathe through the night, satin is synthetic and will be unkind to your loved ones skin. 

Second tip: Size up, sleepwear should not be tight. This is one time she won’t be offended by a larger size! 

3. A Designer Card Holder


$380 from Yves Saint Laurent

This is the perfect way to buy her something special from her favourite design house without totally breaking the bank. Smaller bags are growing ever popular, so our large wallets don’t get used as much because they simply don’t fit, so this is not only a luxurious gift but practical too.

Gifting Bonus: we use our wallets everyday, so she will be reminded of you everyday ♥

4. Boutique Exclusive Perfume 


$470 for 200ml Chanel  ·  $480 for 200ml Louis Vuitton

There is something extra special about receiving, having and wearing perfume that not every other girl has, as the title suggests these perfumes can only be found exclusively in the boutiques themselves, they are not something you can pick up from a perfume counter at DJs or Myer making them a lot less common. I mean it obviously doesn’t hurt that some of these are the most beautiful perfumes I have ever tried and the packaging looks beyond gorgeous sitting on your dresser.

Tip: Buy the 200ml, it is better value for money and the bottles are far more opulent – she will want to display this one! 

5. Classic Statement Earrings 


Tribales From $580 at Christian Dior Boutiques

Jewellery is a great gift, a gift women LOVE to receive! These beauties have been around for a little while now, they are so gorgeous and there are so many different colors and motif combinations now there is a pair perfect for every girl. The thing I like about earrings is that you can’t get the size wrong (always a plus). I feel like they are an easy no fuss statement earring. I know I am not alone in loving beautiful statement earrings but hating that after an hour in big dangly earrings my ears hurt and I just want to rip them out! If you know someone who can relate to that feeling, perhaps these are the perfect pair for her.

6. A Pair of Designer Flats


Espadrilles (in various color ways and fabrics) from $900 at Chanel Boutiques

Don’t get me wrong elaborate heels are fabulous and I will probably never stop loving or buying them, but in hot weather running from brunch to the shops to afternoon BBQs heels aren’t practical, we spend so much time in our casual flats, having some extra special ones is very luxurious and just elevates an outfit instantly! The Chanel Espadrilles have been around for years now and are showing no sign of becoming any less desirable. These are a solid purchase and would be an absolute delight for any girl to find under the tree.

Tip: Open her wardrobe & check her shoe size!!!

7. A Beautiful Dress 


$950 from Zimmermann

The idea of being gifted a beautiful dress chosen for me by someone I love brings a smile to my face (almost like a romantic movie moment). Its also a time of year when there are so many social occasions to which one can wear pretty dresses making this is a perfect gift. I am so in love with this floaty white Zimmermann dress. If you follow my Instagram you will probably know that I love just about anything from Zimmermann and have a penchant for white lace dresses so clearly I think this one is heaven!

Tip: unsure of her size? If you can, have a sneaky peak in her wardrobe and suss out the size of her other dresses, if not just ask for a gift receipt, most stores are pretty understanding about size exchanges this time of year.

8. The Gucci Soho Disco Bag


$1355 from Gucci

If she doesn’t already have one of these, she needs one.

I was tempted to leave it at that, but really this bag is awesome, I cannot praise it enough. It is the perfect size to fit all your weekend running around needs, it zips up for complete security, it is very chic, it works for day and night, it is understated enough to go with everything but still exciting because it has a tassel!

9. A Designer Cuff


Chanel Resin Cuffs from $1670 at Chanel

Designer cuffs are very coveted amongst my luxury loving friends, most design houses do some sort of statement cuff or bangle I have been dying to get my wrist into a Chanel cuff for years, I have other girlfriends that are in love with the Hermes cuffs, Dolce and Gabbana have done some spectacular ones in the past. Whichever brand she covets there will be something special for her, but Chanel get the win from me.

10. An It Bag in a Neutral Shade


Medium Spike Bag in Poudre (Blush) $3160 from Net-A-Porter

Santa Baby, something extra special for the girl at the top of your Nice List!

There are a few I could have put here but I particularly like that this one is a little less common than a lot of designer bags around at the moment. The Nude Gucci Marmont is seriously beautiful but it is everywhere. I think its nice to find something still uber luxe but a little more unique for the one you love. I feel like this bag is very versatile, the spikes make it edgy and therefore easy to dress down but also give it a bit of sparkle that make it perfect for evening also. It comes in a lot of colors, the Blush is my favourite but if Blush isn’t her thing I would suggest the Black or Grey.

Happy shopping my loves, I hope my guide has given you some inspo for your loved ones or just for yourself. Obviously I am not telling you to go out and buy all these items unless this list is suited to your budget then by all means go right ahead and get stuck in. But I hope it gives you ideas which you can use to find these or other similar items in your budget. Just remember women love beautiful things, so buy her something beautiful.


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