What I Got For Christmas 2017

Hi my loves,

I trust you all had a lovely Christmas weekend with your favourite people (and got spoiled rotten). This year I received such thoughtful and beautiful treasures, I have been loving peeking at what my favorite bloggers and vloggers received for Chrissy this year, so I thought I would share what I unwrapped with all of you.


1. Megan Hess City Guides for Paris & New York

These were on my gift guide and I was so chuffed to find them under my tree. I have been flicking through one of them particularly avidly over the last couple of days, I am not surprised, but very pleased all the same at how much helpful and stylish inspo is hidden in its pages.


2. Gucci Bloom Eau De Parfum

I am obsessed with this fragrance I pretty much ripped it open straight away and have been wearing it every minute since I opened it – this is going to be my Summer fragrance for sure, obviously loving how pretty it looks on my dresser too.


3. Sohum Cotton Flower Wooden Wick Candle

This candle is so chic, it comes with a beautiful marble lid and smells so fresh like fresh dreamy fresh linen.


4. The Tom Ford Coffee Table Book

I have been lusting after this book for so long. When I found it perfectly wrapped under the tree I kinda knew straight away what it was because it was too heavy to be anything else and I was giddy like a child as soon as I realised what I was holding.

Bonus: Upon flicking through I found that Mr. Ford had popped an extra gift inside the pages for the ladies, for anyone that hasn’t flicked through this book, there is a very attractive, very naked man on a page toward the back of the book – Merrrry Christmas!


5. Pretty Treats From Mecca

Byredo Bal D’Afrique Hair Perfume – I love the concept of hair perfume, it is designed specifically to not damage your hair (like regular perfumes do). The scent of this one is particularly delightful, I will be swishing my beautifully scented hair all about the place (picture 90’s Pantene Ad vibes).

French Girl Rose Lip Polish – Lip Exfoliator, this was such a thoughtful gift from a gorgeous human that knows how self conscious of my tiny lips I am, so she bought me this which in combination with the next item is supposed to help leave them looking naturally plumper. Regardless of weather that happens or not, they feel great, and taste even better, thats right, my lips taste super sweet! Haha, this stuff exfoliates my lips with cane sugar granules ♥

Apot.Care French Kiss Lip Balm – This super chic lip balm has swept me off my feet in a matter of days, I am addicted to how it looks, how it feels and the way it leaves my lips feeling (to the person who bought me this, thank you, I will now be adding this to my re-purchase shopping list) #obsessed


6. Positivity Wooden Wick Sandalwood Candle

This candle was given to me a few days before Christmas. I was delighted to discover upon burning this, wooden wick candles sound like a mini crackling fire, it is such a sweet nostalgic sound, I am obsessed with burning this candle, it smells so beautiful and reminds me of a very kind, strong and positive human.


7. Gucci Socks

Well why not, one of my best girlfriends and I received matching ones of these. I love having twinning presents its so fun!


8. A Cute Notebook

I am an avid note writer, and am a little old school in that I prefer to write by hand and find I can think it through better when I write it down on paper. I am also a mermaid (fact). So this was such a perfect little gift to receive, and just in time to start fresh for 2018.


9. Fornasetti Ortensia Grande Candle

Well didn’t this just get me all kinds of smiley. I was actually blown away by this one. I had been toying with the idea of setting some pennies aside to possibly buy myself a small, lidded Fornasetti Candle at some point. Never did I think I would be owning a Grande one! My goodness she is so pretty with her gorgeous little bumble bee on her nose and hydrangea floral print all over and the scent is intensely beautiful and fills the whole living room even when I’m not burning her. So luxe, I can’t believe I have this treasure.



10. Chanel Beige Eau De Parfum

Spoiled! A treat from Chanel, what more could a girl want for Christmas. My holy grail perfume and now I have it I am shook.


I was so touched by all the sweet, beautiful and most of all thoughtful gifts I received this year. I am still pinching myself over some of them and already well into using others. I  hope you are all enjoying the extra days off at this time of year and making good use of all the sales on at the moment. Happy shopping my loves.


Wearing Dress from Zimmermann 2015, shop similar here


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