Postcard De Paris: L’Arc De Triomphe

Bonjour Mes Amours ♥

When we travel we do not get to choose the weather, however, we always get to choose our disposition. On this cold and drizzly Parisian morning, I chose ‘Sunny’.


Straight up Avenue George V, past the flagship Louis Vuitton store (it is huge by the way). It was spitting rain the whole way and the air was lets say, fresh! Wandering up the tree lined Champs-Élysées, little J and I barely noticed just how cold it really was in all our Parisian excitement. But to explain it best, it was a typical Melbourne mid-Winter morning.


Up early again we had set out to take some photos at L’Arc de Triomphe, which is such an intricately pretty structure. I love that it is the centre of this absolutely manic roundabout, the morning rush hour was in full swing, horns going and cars everywhere, and there was us, two giggling Australians in the rain.


I definitely get inspired both leading up to and while I am on a vacation, by the street style of the locals in my chosen destination and I was definitely not short on chic inspiration while wandering around the streets of Paris!


I have always found all white Autumn/Winter looks so chic but have never been brave enough to try it. For whatever reason fashion wise, I do tend to be a little more ready to step outside my comfort zone when I travel, just that little bit more open to pushing my own envelope. Does anyone else get like this?

I enjoyed my day in all white and did feel that due to being on Vacation I wasn’t nearly as likely to get all dirty the way I just know I would at home. Hopefully I find ways to incorporate this Winter White vibe into my typical all black Melbourne Autumn/Winter uniform.



Post photo session we meandered back down the Champs-Élysées to Pauls, an almost chain (but not tacky) bakery which my boss Amanda recommended to me the day before I left. It did not disappoint, and we were so thankful for the recommendation as the pastries, baguettes & hot chocolates were soo delicious and as far as Paris is concerned this place is cheap eats and we made use of it a few times throughout the trip.

After we’d gobbled our pastries and much needed hot chocolates, the shops along the Champs-Élysées had begun to open, we wandered into 86 Champs which is like an unusual combination of L’Occitane, a cafe and a macaron store, and it is beautiful. We had a gorgeous sales assistant show us through the whole L’Occitane range explaining everything in her beautiful french accent. We were having such a lovely girly morning trying all sorts of creams and balms we wanted to buy something to have, both use throughout our trip and take home and remember that morning. FYI Jaimie is my shopping enabler/cheerleader so obviously this sort of mentality carried on throughout our trip. I bought the Pure Shea Butter because It is such a beautiful product and the skin on my legs has just been drinking it up.


We had to make a quick visit to H&M, as I had seen a super cute T-shirt in the window on a previous day and decided I needed it. I always like to check out H&M or Zara while I am overseas because the range in other countries is soo much bigger than ours, and I almost always find something I ‘need’. My T-shirt very quickly expanded into a killer dupe for an Acne sweater I love and a denim jacket, which was a wardrobe gap. All in all, a productive morning with ‘sensible’ purchases made.

We spent the rest of the morning wandering down the Champs-Élysées looking at all sorts of beautiful stores. The Guerlain store is particularly pretty! In Cartier they let us play with the diamonds, we tried on a flawless diamond ring worth €620,000 – it was incredible!! We asked if they had a bigger one and they said yes but its been put away as a gentleman has it and the matching earrings on order – now thats one lucky lady!




Cardigan: Alice McCall (2016)

Singlet: Kookai

Jeans: Paige Margot (I cut the hem myself)

Bag: Celine Belt Bag

Boots: Zara


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