About Me

I am 32 years old, living in a one bedroom rental in Elwood and working in Administration. I have a background in Interior Decorating and absolutely loved working in that field. Helping others shop and improve the aesthetics of their daily surrounds, with their money – what a perfect job. However, making reliable income in that industry proved to be difficult so I went back to Admin where I knew I could continue to fund my shopping and travel addictions.

I started blogging in 2016 as a creative outlet for my addiction to all things fashion and style. But with time we grow, our lives take us in different directions and our interests expand and hopefully mature along with us. I still love fashion but I value and prioritise different things now. Travel, Cooking, Self-care, Personal Finance, and yes ok, I am still a sucker for beautiful things and will continue to reward myself with them as I kick other goals.

This space will continue to be my creative outlet and I will share with you my tales of travel, lifestyle, beauty and day to day life.

Happy reading my loves.