About Me

I am 27 years old, living in a small two bedroom apartment with my boy in Elwood, working in Administration. I have a background in Interior Decorating and absolutely loved working in that field. Helping others shop and improve the aesthetics of their daily surrounds – what a perfect job. However, making a reliable income in that industry was proving to be difficult, so I went back to admin where I knew I could continue to fund my shopping addictions. Bonus, I actually LOVE my current role so I am feeling really happy about where my life is at and ready to start fine tuning it.

I have been a fashion addict as long as I can remember. I decided at a young age that shoes and bags where a good investment, you know why? Because they always fit you, and the lesson I took from my mother who still owns and uses things she purchased in the 60s, buy the best quality you can afford as if you buy well it will last for years and years. Now, I don’t think she meant Chanel when she told me this at like age 10, however it wasn’t too long after that conversation my heart became pretty set on that pinnacle design house. I have dreamed of owning a few very lust-worthy items from Chanel for over a decade now, and in the last few years the list has grown from 3 to 4 items, all which I feel are completely necessary and if I put them out to the universe, cross my fingers, save my pennies, work really hard and pray for some good luck I might actually possibly see one or more of them in my life soon..

1. A Strand Of Pearls

2. A Chanel Tweed Blazer

3. A Statement Cuff

4. A Chanel Le Boy




Inspiration images via Pinterest