Gift Guide: Ten Gift Ideas For Him

Hi my loves. As promised, albeit a little late, here is my Gift Guide full of ideas for him this Christmas. I have tried to include a range of price points and obviously I think the pieces I chose are fabulous, but maybe play with the item as a starting point rather than the specific I chose in some cases – e.g. Cologne is very personal and you should select that based on what you love.

1. A New Wallet

$489 Tom Ford from Mr Porter

He uses it every day, in and out of back pockets, wallets take a beating. So its understandable that every couple of years they need a fresh one. And what better gift than one that has him thinking of you every time he uses it (daily, several times a day ♥).  There are so many black wallets around, I like to choose something a little different, still classic but not black. I think this one from Tom Ford is so perfectly masculine and sleek.

2. Funky Board Shorts For Summer 

$99.95 from The Rocks Push 

Board shorts are a great gift for this time of year, coming into our Summer, he will use them! I love buying Mathew boardies as a cheeky gift, I feel like you can have a little bit of fun with them, I found these ones with mermaids (far right) on them and think they are so brilliant. Have a play on ‘The Rocks Push’ website, there are tons of fun prints and a few different styles to choose from.

3. A New Cologne

$128 for 50ml Amazingreen by Comme Des Garçons from Mecca

A new cologne is a bit of a no brainer gift I know, but finding one a bit out of the ordinary is the twist. We have all had the pleasure of knowing the Joop boy (hahahahaha), Mr Armani Code and the Chanel Allure guy. But when you smell your man and he smells amazing and nothing like your ex-boyfriend, your best friends man or the guys at work, that is delightful and totally in your control. Go and explore some scents outside of the usual suspects.

4. A Prada Reversible Belt

$679 from Neiman Marcus

Accessories do make the outfit, this absolutely applies to men as well! This belt is two for one which is perfect for travelling light and still having options, but mostly I actually just think it is a really beautiful belt. The hardware on Prada belts is so lush too, go into a store here and have a play they are beautiful. Hugo Boss is another great option for mens belts, great quality and a little cheaper than Mr Prada.

5. Bose QC35 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones 


$499 from Bose 

Straight from the horses mouth – I wanted to include some tech in this list as I know men are into gadgets and the latest tech so I had to get Mathew’s advice on headphones as he is the master of all things tech in our house, he showed me three options and I felt these were the sleekest. Of course you can get Beats, but everyone has them and these are really cool and apparently an incredible pair of headphones!

6. Exciting Socks 

Gift Sets: Bamboozld $39.95 + Happy Socks $59.95 

Yes yes yes, socks I know. But trust me these are a good one and not just for Christmas either. I buy these for Matt all year round as little reward presents when he has been super wonderful to me. They wash and wear really well and are always coming out with fun new prints so you never run out of reward gifts or stocking stuffers. My two go-to brands are both sold at David Jones; Bamboozled and Happy Socks, at $15-$17 a pair, they are a perfect little gift to have on hand. I have given these, I have had friends receive these and advised other friends to buy these and so far its a 100% satisfaction strike rate. The gift packs above are my favourites at the moment but there are tons on there so have a play.

7. Sonnenschein Framed Leather Manicure Set

$110 from German Manicure Sets

I received the sweetest little lilac manicure set as a Christmas gift from one of my gymnastics students (so long ago I am embarrassed to say) nonetheless, I still use it and when I am not looking so does Matt, I find him hiding on the balcony doing his nails with my pretty lilac manicure set. It got me thinking that men actually need these, most of them aren’t like us girlies, they don’t go to the nail salon to get their hands and toes pampered so they need a fully equipped kit (of their own!). This one from German Manicure Sets has everything they need and a few extras. If you want to get really fancy though, have a look at the totally luxe kits from Czech and Speake on Mr Porter.

8. Lanvin Cap Toe Sneakers 

$365 from Mr Porter

We always have so many shoes, the boys frequently get left behind. I find they always buy themselves sports shoes and work shoes but not much in between so I love finding a bit of a statement shoe (again, accessories make the outfit) to lift his wardrobe a little. These cap toe sneakers from Lanvin are seriously suave but also such a comfortable style for men to wear. I am just loving the burgundy tone of these, but they do them in so many colors and materials have a peak on Mr Porter – that site is a serious treasure trove for mens goodies.

9. Mulberry Medium Clipper Overnight Bag 

$836 from Mr Porter

This is the kind of item you buy once and keep for a decade or more so it is nice to get him a bit more of a special one. And it is important to get a durable one so that he can really use it. I love this Mulberry overnight bag, the tan leather details really make it feel special and the coated canvas (not dissimilar to what Louis Vuitton do) makes it sturdy and durable without being too heavy before he’s loaded it up.

**Bonus, now that he has a luxe weekend bag of his own, he needs to take you away on lots of weekend adventures so he can use it ♥

10. IWC Portugieser Steel And Navy Alligator Chronograph Watch 

Approx $11,000     

Obviously we had a bit of a price jump here but I had to throw one lust list item in here and look how seriously beautiful this one is! If money were no object I would buy this for Mathew in a heartbeat. I will link Mr Porter on this one as they do sell it so you can have a look, but as with anything at this price point I would suggest doing a little leg work before purchasing as there is a lot of wiggle room to save some pennies there, and if buying from overseas there are hefty import taxes to consider too so if you can find a good price in Australia you may be better off purchasing here.


Nine Little Luxuries Under $100

Following on from my last post, I thought it might be helpful to do a list of beautiful gift ideas under $100, as very often that is a cut off point for many people. I was very strict with this number, do you know how many wonderful items sit at $101 and $104?! But I managed to keep this whole list of beautiful and luxurious gifts under the $100 mark. I really hope this list helps you find something beautiful for the special girls in your life. Happy shopping my loves.

1. Byredo Hand Cream

$39 from Mecca Cosmetica


These are a seriously chic and beautiful gift. We all use hand cream, l go through it quicker than ice-cream and this is a particularly lovely one. They come in lots of scents to match their perfumes, my picks are Gypsy Water and Bal d’Afrique

2. Diptyque ‘Do Son’ Solid Perfume

$56 from Mecca Cosmetica 


This is possibly my favourite item on this list. What a beautiful and practical way to carry your perfume with you, this is not leaking in any bags. There is something very old world and special about solid perfumes. My mother had a couple when I was a child and it reminds me of playing with her cosmetics when she wasn’t home (sorry mum). The scent of this is simply stunning, both floral and classic.

3. Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Plated Faux Pearl Earrings

$89 from Net-A-Porter

These are really pretty, pearls are classic and do tend to suit most people, but the cuff style of this earring makes them really on trend and perfect for the festive season (and all the other seasons to follow). Earrings are a great gift as sizing doesn’t matter, I adore statement rings but its just such a gamble, earrings are a no-brainer and these are so gorgeous.

4. Rodin Olio Lusso Lipstick

$55 from Mecca Cosmetica

I know from personal experience this is a great gift, I had one given to me as a gift by a very make-up savvy girlfriend and I was blown away twice. Firstly, the obvious one, the packaging. The packaging on this is so cool, I love that it is clear, not to diss Mac or Nars, but I am a bit over having to read the bottom or open the lid every time I am looking for a specific shade, this packaging is both practical and beautiful. I was blown away again when I used it, it is so beautiful and hydrating to wear. I have it in shade ‘So Mod’ and adore it, its a great pinky nude color.

5. Lack Of Color ‘The Russo’ Hat

$89 from Lack Of Color


A great hat is a perfect gift for this time of year, its hot and sunny and people are going on beach holidays. I absolutely adore this hat, it is a beautiful feminine statement shape, but being straw it behaves like a neutral so it goes with everything. I have a few hats from this brand and am a big fan for a few reasons. Great designs, reasonable price point, good quality, but most of all, they do sizes! I have a tiny head and never fit the ‘one size fits all’ hats from Kookai/Witchery/Seed etc. If you have a friend that can never find a hat small enough or large enough for that matter – this is your shop.

6. Diptyque Candles

$73 from Mecca Cosmetica


I covered this in my previous post, candles are a beautiful gift and a Diptyque candle is such a chic candle to give. There are so many beautiful scents to choose from you should go in to a store and have a play. My personal favourite at the moment is Mimosa because it really smells like a delicious mimosa ♥ mmm.. perfect for warm days.

7. The Daily Edited Cosmetic Pouch

$89.95 (including basic monogramming) from The Daily Edited

I love the idea of personalised gifts. The Daily Edited do heaps of great little everyday items in simple leather that you can have personalised with peoples initials complimentary. I think this is the perfect gift for someone that has everything, most of their items are pretty practical, but the personalisation shows you have put a little extra thought in and makes it that little bit extra special for the recipient to use.

8. Chantecaille Protect The Lion Pride Blush

$58 from Mecca Cosmetica (in-store only) 

Where do I even start, this is tied for my favourite item in this post, it is limited edition so I may need to take some steps to put it under my own tree this year (to me, love from me). I really feel this speaks for itself, it is such a pretty product, in an equally pretty shade. Any girl would be smiling opening this on Christmas morning. Well done Chantecaille you officially nailed it.

9. Agent Provocateur Sparkle Embroidered Panties

$95 from Net-A-Porter

There is something very luxe about a beautiful pair of knickers. Not ‘raunchy’ ones as I think thats a bit seedy, but pretty feminine panties are so special. And this pair is seriously pretty, the pale pink tule, the floral pattern, the sparkle, they have it all!! I will say to give someone underwear you probably want to be pretty close to them, its probably a bit of a boyfriend/best-friend/sister type gift, but I have a lot of best friends that I have given and received knickers to/from and it has always been successful so I am including them because I think they are a brilliant idea for something a bit different.

**Agent Provocateur is available in the bigger David Jones stores, but not on their website, so if you are a hands on shopper head to DJs otherwise, Net-A-Porter have very comparable pricing and some of the speediest international shipping I have ever experienced, think 3-4 days quick! I cannot speak highly enough of their service and packaging. 


Ten Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Hello my loves, I can hardly believe there is only three weeks to Christmas, where did 2016 go???

In the lead up to Christmas I really enjoy looking through blogs and watching vlogs of gift suggestions (especially when they are a little bit extra nice) to help me with my shopping inspiration, so I thought I would do one of my own filled with things I think are truly beautiful gifts that suit our Aussie season and are available to buy and or ship here. This list is all gifts for girlies, I will be doing one for guys this week too, so stay tuned for that if you need some inspo for the special men in your life.

Obviously everyone has different budgets and I have tried to include a variety of different price points but I will say as a bit of a disclaimer, I have a penchant for inconveniently expensive items and I am sharing with you things that I love and would be over the moon to find under my tree and feel very very good about putting them under someone elses.

1. A Christian Louboutin Lipstick

$120 from Bergdorf Goodman

I think this is a really clever and beautiful gift to give someone. Most people would not spend $120 on a lipstick for themselves, so to receive one you would feel incredibly spoiled. The packaging on these is on another level to any other lipstick I have seen on the market it really is just so special, and from all the reviews I have watched, it is actually an incredible product to use. My pick is the Rouge Louboutin Matte Lipstick, it is the iconic red color of the soles of Christian Louboutin shoes, and a perfect red for Christmas.


2. A Jo Malone Candle

From $85 at Jo Malone

I feel people underestimate the pleasure of receiving and using a really beautiful candle, they so often get overlooked as a gift I think because of all the tacky ones out there but there are some incredibly luxurious and beautiful candles available and I don’t think I have a single girlfriend that doesn’t love being gifted one. Jo Malone’s products are all really chic, and the simplicity of the gorgeous packaging means it will be a beautiful addition to anyones decor. A candle is a lovely gift too as the person you give this to will put it in their home and think of you when they use it. My pick is the Peony & Blush Suede scent, its fresh and a little sweet without being overpowering.

**Jo Malone products are also available at the bigger David Jones and Myer stores so you can go in and have a smell and a play. For other beautiful candles, look at Diptyque and Byredo.


3. A Camilla With Love Sarong

From $149 at Camilla

Camilla pieces always make a great gift for anyone that loves their fashion, with our Christmas being in Summer, it is the perfect time for beach ready gifts. A beautiful sarong is a really chic way to cover up a little without looking frumpy. The longer ones have the added bonus that they can be converted into a cape when tied at the corners. My pick from this seasons prints is the short Alice in Essaouira, the colors are just so summery and pretty.


4. Mohave Ghost, Byredo Perfume

$240 for 100ml from Mecca Cosmetica

This is a beautiful, beautiful perfume. I don’t need to sell the idea of perfume as a gift, its a no brainer, this is just a really special perfume that I wish to share with the world. And again, how beautiful would this bottle look on the dressing table – big tick. Byredo do an extensive range of truly stunning scents, perhaps you need a Chrissy present for yourself?! If you haven’t already seen or smelt them, go into a Mecca Cosmetica and have a play, you won’t be disappointed.


…they are a very luxurious version of an everyday item, which in my opinion is clever gifting

5. Christie Nicolaides ‘Nonia’ Earrings

$239 from Christie Nicolaides

These are a stunning statement earring with a bit of a nostalgic 90’s vibe to them (they remind me of the movie The Craft). I like that the design is quite intricate and really makes a statement, but the colors have been kept simple in black and gold, making them very easy to wear with any outfit for some extra sparkle. Costume jewellery makes a beautiful gift and obviously its nice that you get a bit more for your money than if you were buying fine jewellery and can have a little more fun with it.


6. Artis Elite Smoke Five Brush Set

$211 from Net-A-Porter

Usually I am against buying women any kind of tool or appliance as a gift, however I have a couple of exceptions to that rule The Kitchen Aid and these Artis Brushes. These brushes are seriously very beautiful, in every way, but particularly to use. Hands down the most pleasurable foundation application of my life. Its like you are pampering yourself while you are using them and when you aren’t they very happily live on display on the bathroom counter. This is the perfect brush set and actually I think very good value for money, though still pricey for brushes, similar to the Louboutin Lipsticks – they are a very luxurious version of an everyday item, which in my opinion is clever gifting.


7. The Tom Ford Coffee Table Book

$152 from Booktopia

Coffee table books make beautiful gifts and I believe you can never have too many nice ones. This is an amazing book, perfect for someone that loves interiors and fashion. This book is the perfect piece for a coffee table or dressing table, and through the year on drab days it is hours of stunning fashion inspiration and beauty. It is a timeless gift that will stay with the recipient and remind them of you always.


8. Gucci Tian GG Supreme Key Case

$305 from Gucci

A designer SLG (Small Leather Good) is a really beautiful and practical gift for any luxury brand lover. This one clips onto your keys and then holds your cards and a bit of cash – perfect to pop inside smaller day bags so all your essentials are in one neat (stylishly packaged) parcel. This particular one is so pretty with the humming bird and the other side of it has a butterfly on it. Gucci have also done these in their blooms print which is really gorgeous too.


9. Aquazzura ‘Mira’ Pump

From $850 at Farfetch

Dear Santa, Pleeeeeease! Haha, but really these are seriously stunning. Playing very nicely to two big trends for the current and coming seasons – Velvet and Bordeaux – with a thick platform and chunky heel for extra comfort, these are the perfect shoes for the festive season. I am imagining them with a gold, white, nude, navy or black party dress, just yes! How totally special and luxurious do these look and what girl doesn’t love beautiful shoes. All I can say is make sure you get her size right!

**hot tip, snoop in her wardrobe or ask her sister/best friend to get her size.


10. A Bvlgari ‘Serpenti Forever’ Bag

$2760 from Bvlgari

This bag is seriously beautiful, the jewelled serpent head makes it so special, she will love and wear this forever. In my opinion every girl should own a metallic evening bag, however even if you aren’t much into metallics this comes in so many gorgeous classic and statement colors, there is one to go with every wardrobe. The brilliance of a bag as a gift is that there are no sizing issues, it will fit her now, it will still fit her when she is eight months pregnant, it will fit her always. If you are looking to blow it out of the park this Christmas and this is in your budget, it is an absolutely incredibly stylish and beautiful gift.

Happy shopping my loves




A Bit Of Bag Porn

It’s no secret I’m an addict..

I love looking at them, saving for them, receiving them, buying them, owning them, playing with them and above all wearing them!

So I guess you could say this list is a bit of a mixed bag.. of bags I have been crushing on quite recently, some holy grail pieces, the one that got away and am still not over and some that a girl may just have to dream about for the rest of her life and thats fine too as I think I might prefer a new car over that one and they’re just about the same price bracket.

Generally though I spend a worrying amount of time dreaming about my handbag collection and where it will grow to next ..

Le Boy Chanel

The edgier more modern classic Chanel. The Boy Bag has been around for some years now and has really proven its staying power. Being a Chanel, I have to consider it as an investment piece, not only because it goes up in value over time (yes, it really does!), but more so because to put that sort of money into my wardrobe is definitely an investment into my collection. As such for me I would always look to a neutral color most likely black. While I do have quite the bordeaux obsession at the moment and this particular velvet Le Boy is actually heaven, I will probably only ever have one Boy Bag so I would 100% want it in a classic black, I do also feel that the heavier, edgier style of the bag lends itself to black perfectly.

Medium Le Boy Chanel approx $6000

The Alexander McQueen Box Clutch

Each piece is truly a work of art and for a handbag collector I think a McQueen clutch is a necessity. Because the designs are so intricate and loud, I actually do prefer pieces like those pictured below in slightly more neutral colors (metallic, nude, black, red) as I feel it allows you to really focus on the detail in the hardware.

I do own one, which was very kindly tracked down across the USA for me as I desperately wanted that particular piece from his final collection, it’s a knuckleduster clutch with black lace and antique gold hardware and I absolutely love it. However in order to get mine I had to forgo a piece which I didn’t realise at the time would haunt me and remain as not only ‘the one that got away’ but the gap I can’t seem to fill because nothing I have seen is as lust worthy as the McQueen nude studded Union Jack clutch, even as I look at it now.. It is everything.

Alexander McQueen Box Clutches starting at – $1628 from Net-A-Porter

Gucci can almost do no wrong right now..

The Hermes Birkin

This is that forever out of reach piece I promised, mostly because I don’t think I want a handbag to be the most expensive asset to my name and this beautiful thing would far out price my car at the moment!

However I will always appreciate and admire this bag (and quietly lust after it). I just think there are other bags out there like the Peek-A-Boo (below) or the Sac Du Jour which for me are both lust list bags in their own right, but will also tick that ‘large classic structured neutral bag’ box for me.

The Birkin I have fantasised about though has always been one of two colors, and shockingly for me, not black. I absolutely adore this Khaki with gold hardware carried by the chicest woman on the planet Rachel Zoe, and the beautiful soft Tan, I just feel that you see more of the detail and beauty of the bag in a lighter color. Tan and Khaki are still very classic neutrals which can be worn all year round – something I definitely look for in an investment piece.

Hermes Birkin 35 starts at about $16,000 – even I have to admit thats epic. 

Fendi Peekaboo Large approx $6000

The Gucci Dionysus

Firstly, it needs to be covered, Gucci can almost do no wrong right now. I am so head over heels obsessed with these bags. That pair of tigers as a clasp is everything. But I also just love the simplicity of the shape and style of the Dionysus bags. I do also feel like this bag (depending on which piece you buy) won’t really date that much. And I also genuinely feel as far as designer bags go, with Gucci, you do get a lot of bag for your money. However if money were no object I would be first in line buying the Navy, Red and White embellished Bee bag as I am obsessed with bees (they remind me of my favourite palace in Italy) and I think Navy, Red & White are a pretty classic yet wonderfully striking color combination.

Dionysus GG Supreme – $2600 from Gucci

Dionysus Embroidered Leather Shoulder Bag – $5530 from Gucci

Bvlgari Serpenti Forever

What a beautiful twist on a classic evening bag, I have seen this bag in a rainbow of color options but the Emerald Green is a standout choice for me, I love how the jewelled eyes of the serpent match the color of the bag, very chic. It is a great size to hold everything you need and no more. I would be beyond thrilled to add this to my collection – though a lot of eBay selling may need to occur first – but oh how it would all be worth it.

Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Small – $2760 from Bvlgari

They are the definition of wearable art

A Straw Tote for Summer

This is just something I have been wanting for a while, I know its not really what you might consider luxury, but that is kind of what I like about it. It would be nice to have a great Summer statement bag like this that holds everything I need, looks super cute, and I don’t have to stress about putting it on the grass at a picnic or BBQ. The more I look at it the more I love it and feel I need it.

Hat Attack Round Handle Tote – $150 from Shopbop

Gucci Velvet Marmont

I love this bag, I know it’s very loud, and not at all even close to neutral, but what a truly fun piece, the deep fuchsia color, the lush velvet texture, the gorgeous chevron pattern, the antique-y gold hardware, its just beautiful.

I must say though all this velvet business is really very untimely, its coming into Summer here and between Gucci + Aquazzura all I can think about is getting my paws on some velvety goodness!!

GG Marmont Small Velvet Shoulder Bag approx $1900 

Saint Laurent Fringed Suede

I’m going to come right out and say it on this one, I really like this, but I wouldn’t buy it. I think it is such a beautiful piece but I also feel like the shape of this bag is like an evening bag but the aesthetic and color is for casual day wear, I don’t know what it is, I love the fringe, I love the tan suede I love the snake detail on the logo, but something says to me.. Don’t do it. It may possibly be the simple fact that I have a small tan woven leather Prada Madras bag that would fill the same wardrobe hole as this and therefore I actually just don’t need it, but it is very boho luxe.

Saint Laurent Medium Suede Fringe Bag $3255 from Neiman Marcus

Valentino Lock Bag

I just think this is a beautiful bag. It is a really simple and classic shape, but the contrast of the studs on the soft pinky nude leather add a great edgy twist. I would love to have one of these in my collection, but I keep finding other pieces that I need in my life before this so it just keeps getting left on the shelf which sort of makes me think if I had it, I might just keep reaching for others instead?


Valentino Medium Lock Bag $2960 from Net-A-Porter

Detailed White Leather Bags

I actually think a beautiful white bag is a very important piece to have in your wardrobe, and I am currently loving these two Fendi options. The woven detail is clever as it keeps the bag relatively free from hardware (meaning they can be worn with silver or gold) while still giving it a lot of interest.

This Peek-a-boo is heaven!! I actually tried to find it on a recent shopping trip but it has sold out everywhere.

Fendi Dotcom Medium White $4119 from Neiman Marcus 

My Holy Grail Bag

A Judith Leiber

Obviously we all saw the Cupcake bag in the Sex And The City movie. But it wasn’t really until later that I stumbled across Judith Leiber on a solo trip to the States mid 2010, I was taking in all that is Rodeo Drive when I came across the Judith Leiber window. I remember going in and just staring in amazement at the artworks that are her bags. There was the most stunning Tiger stretched out and glittering on the right hand side of the shop, further in on a centre podium was a totally beautiful and whimsical Birdcage and then toward the back was the most incredible Camel you ever did see, honestly, now, whenever I think of a Camel I can’t help but remember that very moment seeing that Camel.

Ever since that moment I have sworn to myself that one day I must have just one of her beautiful works of art. Even though I don’t think any of those three bags I initially fell in love with are available anymore, every year she brings out new heart-stoppingly stunning designs that I would cry and gasp and jump about and mostly probably not be able to comprehend life for a while if I were to have the moment where I might actually get to own one. They are the definition of wearable art. It would be worn and then displayed as art in our home, or at least in my dressing room.

Judith Leiber Miniaudieres approx $7000 – $9000 from Saks Fifth Avenue

I would love to hear what your Holy Grail bag is? Or is there one that got away, or that you’re saving really hard for?


Big Sleeves and a Big Balloon

Being woken up by an alarm at 3.10am is generally considered un-ideal, having that happen on the morning of your Birthday without warning, by some, might be considered an outrage (I think my sister Kirsten would have just about died if it were her). But when your very creatively outrageous group of best friends have planned a weekend of surprises in your honour and the alarm goes off at 3.10am, one has to assume it could only mean some kind of wonderous surprise activity.

I was not disappointed. After a 45 minute dark and foggy drive, we turned a corner and I saw this.. worth all 5 hours of missed sleep, just for this first view.

I currently have a justified obsession with Statement Sleeves. For a long time lover of the ‘Jeans and a nice top’ outfit, the current trend of statement sleeves is really quite a fashion joy. At 3.15am all I knew was I was sleepy but I wanted to wear something nice and feel pretty on my birthday. The gingham and ballooned sleeves on this top made it the perfect piece for that vibe, I was very comfortable and felt a little like Dorothy at the end of The Wizard Of Oz, which made me smile too.

Statement Sleeves were everywhere at the most recent circuit of fashion weeks and as a result there are really fun options everywhere in all the fast fashion brands like Storets, ASOS, Style Keepers Boutique, making it so easy to get your hands on some really fun updates for your wardrobe without breaking the bank, which I always find makes it a lot easier to jump on top of a trend.

I am a creature of habit but I don’t always want to feel like I am wearing the same tired outfit to every lunch date I have. This trend is genius as essentially all I am wearing is my comfy jeans and a top, but I felt so put together and chic. But most importantly its easy to wear and merge into your lifestyle, these tops don’t require you to go out and buy new pants, shoes, hats, belts or anything else to go with them, quite the reverse, they slot perfectly into your existing wardrobe – everyone has a pair of jeans. Pick some statement sleeve tops that will go with your fave jeans or denim skirt and you are set.

I actually have a child like infatuation with balloons and I did possibly disclose this to my friend Mike when planning a previous event earlier this year, I would have been totally over the moon to have received a bunch of balloons for my birthday but as usual this group of spectacular individuals took it to another level and put me inside one  ♥♥♥

We finished the day with Breakfast at the beautiful O’Reilly’s Winery (still feeling very appropriately dressed in my gingham puffy sleeved number) in Queensland. We went for a wander, when we discovered out the back of this cute little winery was absolutely the most spectacular Jacaranda tree I have ever seen. I am now officially in love with a tree!

A note to Mike, Jacinta, Jessica + Claire for making my birthday so special, I loved every moment with all of you and am so humbled by the amazing and thoughtful efforts you all went to, to plan it, organise it and keep me surprised the whole way through. It was like a weekend of pass the parcel and I got to unwrap every round.



Paige Denim Margot Jeans in White – These are an old style but JBrand and Paige do similar styles to this

Blue Gingham Top from Style Keepers Boutique – $119.00 – Mine is sold out but they do it in lots of other beautiful colors, I think I might get one in plain white too

Balenciaga Arena Stud Sandals in Bordeaux – $710.00 (approx) – I can’t find the bordeaux color anywhere now but have seen them in Navy from Matches and in Black from Nordstrom. These are a very comfy sandal, they are true to size and are brilliant!! – I would definitely re-purchase.

Celine Catherine Sunglasses in Black + Tortoiseshell (creature of habit) – $400.00 from Marais Melbourne


A Year Older, This Is What I’ve Learnt..

Hi my loves, today I am 28 years old and recently I have been reflecting upon a few things I have learnt this year. Now to be completely honest I am not entirely sure if its either learning or admitting to some home truths I should have acknowledged a while back, regardless, here goes…


At this point, no-one is going to be handing me any silver platters with a perfect life upon them which actually I am happy about. I have to really want it, I have to work hard for it and make it happen myself for myself. This means if I’m not going after it its probably not worth it to me or I didn’t really want it as much as I may have thought initially which is fine also. When you do work really hard on something, that moment when it starts to pay off or all come together it brings a wonderfully fulfilling feeling of accomplishment. Sometimes this hard work means you have a little less time for coffee catch ups with your girlfriends, or a little less money to spend on lavish dinners out and about, but I know (for me at least) my girlfriends understand and its all more than worth it in the end.


Yes, a good one is definitely worth fighting for, but, if it gets to the point where your whole friendship is spent justifying yourself or arguing and apologising simply for being you, your friendship has probably expired and at some point its ok to let it go in order to allow yourself to place that energy into more positive people and activities. I read somewhere recently that we become the average of the five people we spend the most time with, with that in mind this year I have been shifting to focus on surrounding myself with and giving my energy to the people that bring positivity to my world and hopefully I have been giving it back to them in spades. Finding girlfriends that support your success and are genuinely happy for you and some which may even wish to help you push forward is very rare, but not impossible! Recognise, acknowledge and nurture your friends.


For now I am focussing on climbing the life ladder over a corporate one, and am perfectly content with my decision to do so. I am by no means in a high powered job and that is fine with me as I actually love my job. I enjoy going to work each day, I like the company I work for, I think my colleagues are wonderfully driven people, most of which are hilarious and I love that at 5.10pm I can switch off my computer, switch off from work mode and switch on to thinking about other things like my blog, my next handbag conquest, another adventure or even just whatever Hamish and Andy are talking about on the way home!

I read somewhere recently that we become the average of the five people we spend the most time with..


I am curvy, there is no hiding it, I lent down in this dress and one of my curviest curves tried to pop out for goodness sakes, like it or lump it, I have a large chest and curvy hips and thighs. I am forever saying oh I will need to be skinny before I do that, go there, wear that. I am 28 years old and I have an hourglass figure and it ain’t going anywhere and thats it. Every time I flick through Instagram I see these girls, influencers, fitness models, bikini models and I day dream about how much easier my life would be if I woke up with a figure like that. There are a couple of things for me to address here.

First and foremost, Love thyself. 

Secondly, remember for every aspect of yourself you wish you could change there are a dozen girls that would be over the moon to have a feature just like yours. I once had a girl ask to take a photo of my breasts as she wanted to have hers remodelled based on mine – at the time I thought it was the craziest thing I’d ever heard (though I will admit, I obliged her, she had them done and they looked great hahaha). My point is the grass is always greener, there will always be someone prettier, thinner, richer, smarter, more successful than you, accept that and cherish your best qualities they are the envy of someone trust me.

Thirdly, refer to paragraph one, no-one can do it for you! 

My curves have actually played a big part in shaping (pardon the pun) the person I am today and this year I have learned a more healthy approach to maintaining them, no more yoyo diets or weeks of binge eating, I have worked out that consistently good habits put me in better shape both mentally and physically. I have been going for 5km runs in my lunch break each day and it is the best use of a lunch break I could think of, it clears my head and relaxes me while doing something really positive for my health. That to me is a definite Win-Win. So I shall keep running, keep squatting and yes even do the occasional push-up but I will also be enjoying a sweet treat along the way as they bring me such joy.


I am repetitive – that is ok

I am indecisive – that is ok

I am obsessive – that, well I am trying to curb it, but its ok.

This year I have been focused on finding and shopping based on my style. It is so easy to get confused in a crowded market of so many beautiful styles and it can be hard to know especially when you are younger what will work for you for the long haul. I like expensive things (sorry Matt) I can’t help it I just do. I actually recently tried to shop from a cheapie online shop called Storets, their stuff looks great in all the pics online and their styles are so now and the prices are very reasonable, but on my bust it was an ill fitting disaster. Annnyway, the thing with buying expensive fashion is if you don’t get the mileage out of it its a lot of money wasted. So this year for me has been about noting and investing in those shapes and styles that I wear time and time again. With that said Fashion and Style is an expression of who you are. I often dress for my mood so having a few special statement pieces in my armoury helps me to express my moment and feel wonderful when I wish to.


I am in Love. I am content with exactly where we are and the path that we are on together. Whether it matches the timeline I dreamt up when I was 10 years old or not (of course it doesn’t). I have found my happily ever after and we are on that journey together, we are a unit and we are on our journey not anyone else’s.

Nobody can tell you where you should be up to in your relationship, only you know that, communicate with each other, you should never ever be afraid to talk to your partner as it is the key to getting through life’s ups and downs. Listen to one another and be there for each other always.

Finally and most importantly


I am a control freak and I know that. Often in the past, in my haste to make sure everything is ‘under control’ and ‘on schedule’ I have forgotten to stop and smell the flowers.

As a 28 year old I will make time to simply sit on a bench to watch a butterflies erratic flight, smell the flowers and gaze at the sunset. I am going to make time for life’s magic.


Dress: Self Portrait from Matches Fashion

Hat: Straw Boater from Lack Of Color

Sandals: Saint Laurent Tribute in Patent Nude from Barneys




RULE 3: I Need To Love It

It’s pretty simple really, these days it needs to be love. As I have candidly said several times I essentially own enough clothing and accessories to kit out a small country, so to justify acquiring more, whatever it is, I need to love it. While I will not be ceasing to shop any time soon, I have been getting more and more picky about which pieces to spend money on, which I think has been a positive thing for the development of my wardrobe.

You may remember my mentioning that I have a few large and absurd gaps in my core wardrobe for example, a nude clutch/occasional bag. I know this seems ridiculous as there are obviously several options around, but I had not yet found one that I love and as its something I believe I will use frequently, I just want to be head over heels in love with it.

it needs to have that special ‘Ta Da’ factor..

I have, what I feel to be, a pretty responsible (all things considered) process to assist me in establishing Love, using the nude bag as an example. It firstly needs to check all the boxes..

Nude Bag Checklist 

  • Nude – not pink or cream
  • Leather – no satin or lace as they are impractical and won’t stand the test of time) 
  • Classic – nothing that will date, being a staple piece I wish to still be using it in 5 years time
  • With a Twist – I don’t want it to be boring, it needs to have something special about it
  • Practical Size – nothing huge, but at a minimum I need to be able to fit the essentials in it: phone, keys, lipstick, money and a tissue 

After it ticks all those boxes, it needs to have that special ‘Ta Da’ factor to it, that draws me in, that makes me dream about it and lust after it until I can afford to own it. This usually comes from the ‘With a Twist’ point as it is all about that special extra detail, a bit of python, a tassel, some well placed studs or embroidery. I have recently been crushing hard on the Bvlgari ‘Serpenti Forever‘ bags and the Gucci ‘Dionysus‘ bags both of which have really striking and glam hardware detail. The Bvlgari bag has the beautifully jewelled Serpent head, and the Gucci has a double headed snake at the clasp. I think snakes are a little like leopard print, they are a reliable bit of excitement, they stand the test of time and are exciting still 5 years later.

I do like to wear simple or classic styles, thats why I love when I find what is essentially a totally basic item with a really cool design detail that makes it that little bit different to what I have seen on everyone else. Which I think when we are all doing a bit of shopping at the likes of Zara and Topshop it is nice to have a few unique pieces that every other person isn’t wearing.

As for when I do find Love items, going on past experience, I notice my spending guilts disappear for a while and I am generally happy to spend a little extra on them as they are either really out there and unique or generally just beautiful classic pieces that I will wear year in year out and be very happy when I do.


OUTFIT POST: A Denim Dress

I love a classic, but more than a classic I love a twist on a classic. Denim is such a go to, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t count a piece or five of denim amongst their most worn items. I actually could not live without my black skinny jeans, chambray shirt and now this denim dress, which has been on high rotation since buying it earlier this year in Singapore.

They are popping up everywhere. I was just in Zara last night and saw a couple of great denim shirt dresses. I actually have two others but I particularly love the weight of this one, its kind of heavy without being too structured, the denim is so soft and its got a funky but more importantly flattering shape to it as it just skims my curves and is that little bit longer at the back which makes me a little more confident in it during the weeks I am carrying a little extra weight on my thighs, (does anyone else fluctuate quite dramatically throughout the month – so annoying) anyway its nice to have something easy to throw on when I’m not feeling overly body happy that makes me feel great again.

There are many things I love about this dress, but a big one is it has pockets!! As soon as a dress has pockets, I find it very hard to not need it. I am currently dying to get my hands on some heavily frayed jeans and still haven’t found the perfect pair for me just yet, but the fray on the hem of this dress is keeping my appetite satisfied nicely in the meantime.

I have been wearing this dress a lot lately, it really is very versatile. I am loving it with these Rag & Bone Newbury boots and my fave go to Gucci Soho Disco bag, really a very simple outfit but I think the chunky heel on the boot and the tassel on the bag pull it together in a casual and funky way and not to mention being super comfortable. I have worn these boots for twelve plus hours and still been fine to keep going, I know they are pricey but they earn their keep trust me!

This outfit is a classic example of mixing a bit of high street with high end and some contemporary pieces too. I think the Gucci Bag and the chunky gold watch elevate the rest of the outfit and make the dress look a lot more expensive than it was, which I think is a styling win.

SELF STYLE NOTE: I am very happy in ankle boots and a day dress, must remember this when deciding whether or not I think I will get wear out of an item in these two categories.


Denim Dress from Zara Singapore – $69.90

Rag & Bone Newbury Boots in Black from Net-A-Porter – $642.00 Also check their new style Ashby which has a straighter ever so slightly higher heel and is creaping its way into my lust list..

Gucci Soho Disco Bag in Black from Gucci – $1300.00

Oversized Gold Watch from Michael Kors 2010 – Sold Out (shop similar on Polyvore)

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut – $210.00




Hello October! Oh How I Love You..

Sun shining. Flowers blossoming. Warm nights. Craving salad?? Spring must be here! Yes I know, Spring is technically here in September, but October is where it really kicks into gear bringing with it daylight savings, noticeably warmer weather and the count down to Spring Carnival.

Needless to say I am excited about the next few months. So much so that I decided to celebrate my first Spring dress moment with Gelato colored balloons at sunset.

I fell in love with ‘this’ Zimmermann dress a few years ago and was a bit sad that I hadn’t bought it, then I noticed they were repeating it in slightly different prints each season so of course I snapped one up. I actually bought this beauty in the end of season sales much earlier in the year. I wore it once for a very rushed dinner while I was in Singapore and then I came home to Melbourne and it was almost Winter so this is the first time I have really had a chance to enjoy it.

I’m a big fan of dresses, I love when the warmer days start up and I am able to have a few more ultra feminine fashion moments like this one. Having a few pretty dresses like this that aren’t too short, or too booby in my wardrobe I find to be very useful, perfect to dress up for weddings, or down for BBQs and brunch dates. Spring/Summer generally brings with it a large number of such events so having some easy pieces in the armoury like this to grab quickly is helpful. I know that they are on the pricier side but I do find that Zimmermann pieces are a safe wardrobe investment, as their style has stayed to a similar aesthetic for a few years now meaning you get a few seasons of wear out of your purchases before they begin to feel dated, in my experience, I have gotten bored of them before they have dated. This is a great brand to shop at sale time too as they really do reduce their stuff by a significant percentage and you can wear it for a few seasons to come. When buying more expensive pieces it is really important to me that I will get more than one season of wear out of it as otherwise I cannot justify such expense.

However, throwing this dress on did remind me of a couple of extremely key wardrobe gaps which I need to fill early this season as I would like to style this dress and a few others with a small pretty nude bag and a strappy nude block heel. The block heel sandal is everywhere at the moment and it is going to be a Summer staple so best I find one stat. As for the nude bag, well thats just an embarrassing wardrobe gap that has gotten out of hand and I am determined to sort out ASAP.

Spring 2016, time for me to get Nude!



Dress: Zimmermann $495.00 – Shop Similar HERE

Sunglasses: Celine Shadow $420.00 approx (currently on sale HERE)

Shoes: Blush Ballet Flats by Repetto $233.00 – Shop Similar HERE

Necklace: Rope Bow by Tiffany $1100.00 – Shop Similar HERE

Little White Dress

When the sun starts coming out and the days start getting longer and life is just generally more lovely, like clockwork I almost instantly find myself needing to swap my black staples for shades of tan, beige and white. An LWD or Little White Dress is almost like the Spring/Summer daytime equal to the LBD and it is absolutely a wardrobe essential. This one is just a cheapie I picked up on sale at Sportsgirl last year and I love it, though obviously I will be on the prowl for a couple of new ones this season, something off the shoulder I am feeling! The trick with an LWD (and a LBD for that matter) is to always look for something with a little bit of interest, on this dress its the lace detail and the cut out at the back, it just elevates the look a little.

This beautiful Celine belt bag joined my collection during my trip to Singapore earlier this year and I hadn’t really worn it much yet as I was busy living in black and bordeaux through Winter but it, along with my new suede Zara boots are now on high rotation and I must say I feel they are a good team. I would love to be able to afford to live in designer top to tow but I have to be realistic to my wage, so I think you have to choose carefully where to invest in your wardrobe. I like to have high end and semi classic accesories that will last year in year out and spend less on high street dresses and tops from places like Zara, Sportsgirl and Topshop, it is a great way to keep on top of trends without breaking the bank. Taking it to another level on this one I my choker is actually just a fine black shoelace wrapped twice around my neck and knotted at the back. 

I love ankle boots and a sleeved mini dress as a trans-seasonal combo as my feet and shoulders stay warm enough but I still feel Summery because my pins are out and I can wear pretty dresses.



Dress: 2015 Sportsgirl, shop for similar looks on ASOS

Bag: Celine Belt Bag from Celine Boutique

Boots: Zara Suede Ankle Boots – found mine on eBay

Choker: this is actually one of Matt’s spare shoe laces – very thrifty, I do actually want to buy a nice one though, add it to my long list of items to buy for Spring/Summer.

Sunglasses: Celine Shadow Sunglasses in Black + Tortoiseshell – $420 from Marais Melbourne