Currently Crushing On

With so many beautiful products constantly being thrust at me through various Social Media accounts, it can be hard to decipher between what I am finding gorgeous because it is on trend right now and being marketed really well everywhere I look and what it is that I really am lusting after so I am going to have this space to fill with items I am crushing on and we shall just have to see if they show up in my purchases at some point down the track..


Diptyque Figuier Candle – $87.00 from Mecca Cosmetica

I love Diptyque candles for a number of reasons and have been obsessed with the Tubereuse scent for three or four years now, but I tried this scent while I was having a play at Mecca the other day and cannot stop thinking about it – So like fresh figs which I LOVE!


Chloe Susanna Boots in Black – $1830.00 through Polyvore

I have had these on my lust list for the longest time and I’m not really sure why they keep getting pushed aside for other purchases because they are so special and really beautifully detailed. I actually have them already in cream with gold hardware and I truly adore them but honestly I don’t get to wear cream boots too often and I feel a black pair would really be a great asset to my year-round wardrobe as these boots are such a great trans-seasonal shoe and the beautiful detailing on them really lifts so many outfits from simple to luxe with just one piece.


Artis Oval 7 or 8 Brush – $98.00 or $106.00 from Net-A-Porter

This beautiful piece of equipment that looks, well yeah a little like a very luxe hybrid of a silver spoon and a tiny Mason Pearson brush has been on my radar for a short time now. One of my all time favourite bloggers Lydia Elise Millen showed it in one of her videos a month or so ago and now I keep seeing and hearing about it everywhere. The only negative I have read about the Artis brushes is in relation to their high price tag which at $98 – $106 for a foundation brush, it is steep, but I genuinely feel it would earn its spot on my dressing table due to its sheer beauty. Hmmm will I cave???  – FYI probably!


Valentino Rockstud Pumps

It took me a hot minute to warm to these but I have been lusting after the perfect pair for a few years now and it took me some time to decide what color combination would be the perfect gap filling addition to my shoe collection. I have now decided it would need to be, Leopard/Black, Olive Green/Nude or a Limited Edition pair, though this year I believe the LE colorway is an Orange Crystal Camo which I just can’t bring myself to include on a want or need list.


Aquazzura Heels

img_3670-1Everything. I am majorly crushing on this designer right now (ie: the last four months) and I need something of his in my world stat. I love this pointy black pair, and you might have seen on my Insta I recently nearly bought the killer pair of Glamazon heels – still dreaming about those!


Sophia Webster Chiara (The Butterfly Shoe) – 855.00 through Polyvore

These are amazing, they are such a statement piece yet somehow they’re also a necessary staple. I have been lusting after a pair for some time now but the last few that I have seen available have all had orange as a prominent color in them – as you will be noticing by now, I have a thing with Orange – I love it on other people but I just can’t wear it myself. So when I recently jumped on Polyvore and saw these two options I was both overjoyed and conflicted.. The gold are great because essentially that is just a gold shoe which can be very useful for evening wear, however I wonder if the butterfly gets a little lost in the monochrome tone? The black and white are super striking.. I think I have been trying to work out how much use I would get out of black and white?


Chloe Faye in Tan and Python – $3550.00 through Polyvore

I saw this in Hong Kong in April and totally loved it but was a little over committed on shopping already so sadly I left her behind, though I have been dreaming ever since of having her in my world so I feel it might be time to really squirrel some pennies away to get it. It is such a stunning piece, so seventies meets today with an ever chic Chloe touch. Crushing is not the right word here, I am OBSESSED!


Whistles Logo Sweatshirt – $150.00 from Whistles

These are just chic and cute and I keep seeing them around and thinking one of them would fall into my wardrobe quite easily, but I want to find one with a slogan that I love..


YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara 

This thing is beautiful, and I have read raving reviews about it, so I am dying to try it. Apparently it is only just now being released in the US so I will either have to wait a while until Australia receives them or learn how to use Shop & Box.


Tom Ford Coffee Table Book – $165.00 from bookstores

This is so me I don’t have words, why didn’t I own it like a million years ago – it is such a chic interior piece filled with high fashion glory. I NEED THIS. I am currently (very slowly) turning my second bedroom from a storage space for all my excess belongings into hopefully a chic and well put together dressing room which obviously requires this book within it.