Purchased In April/May


So I will start with a disclaimer that April, May and November are generally big shopping months for me. Not necessarily due to the number of items purchased but definitely when looking at the overall dollar value spent. This is largely due to the company I keep during these months as I have bi-annual girls shopping holidays which always fall somewhere in these months and these particular girlfriends are the best kind, they are like a shopping cheer squad. As a result big purchases are made and ahhh-mazing items are acquired! I will also mention that usually I would do these as individual months but I was away over the April/May period so I blended them. Ok so with that out of the way, I guess I should just jump straight in…

Item 1: Gucci Soho Disco Bag in Black – $1365.00 from the Gucci store in Perth.

This was a fun one actually because as silly as this sounds it was a group purchase, i.e. all four of us got one and wore them together to Disneyland in Hong Kong. I have worn this a lot since getting it and would 100% recommend this bag.

May Shop Gucci

Item 2: Celine Mini Belt Bag in Tawny – SGD $3900.00 from the Celine boutique in Singapore.

I wasn’t sure about this one at first. I had been needing a tan bag for the longest of times – this is the first everyday sized bag in tan I have ever owned, so believe me when I tell you, this was a need! This is a very warm tan color pushing the boundary toward an orange tan but as soon as I touched it and tried it on and played with it it was LOVE. I did not really want to put it down, reluctantly I did, but when we went back to the boutique I saw it again and simply couldn’t let it go.

Item 3: Celine Shadow Sunglasses in Black/Tortoiseshell – $420.00 from Marais Melbourne boutique.

I  had been looking at these for a while now but hadn’t tried them on and then I saw them in Singapore and umm’d and ahh’d 1 day too long and they sold out, so when I got back home I searched for them and I found them on the internet at varying prices anywhere from $440 – $685 which I thought was a bit cheeky. I rang the Marais boutique as they are easy enough for me to get to, and not only did they have them, they had them for $20 less than every where else I had seen – SOLD! I bought them that weekend and have worn them  almost every day since I got them, yes it is Winter and not sunny but I love them.

May Shop Celine

Item 4: Dolce & Gabbana Daisy Embellished Sandal – SGD $2850.00 from Dolce & Gabbana boutique in Singapore.

These are everything and they are tied for favourite purchase this month. One of the shopping missions of our Singapore trip is to find our outfits for Melbourne Cup, I had already found my dress it is a beautiful Victoria, Victoria Beckham number (I have not included an image of it this month because I don’t want to give away my whole outfit this early – Sorry). We went into Dolce to grab a dress for one of the other girls when my beautiful friend Claire, who is a very skilled shopper found and showed me these, it was instant LOVE! They are the perfect bit of bling for my race day outfit and I am so excited as we will all be wearing a little bit of Dolce in our outfits this year. If you are looking for these, I know they can be found cheaper on Polyvore so do check there first.


May Shop DG

Item 5: Givenchy Antigona, Medium Goatskin in Burgundy – SGD $3550.00 from the Givenchy boutique in Singapore

Tied for favourite purchase this month, this was a surprise find. I had actually tried to get it in Jan this year but it sold out online everywhere and then I could only find black ones in the shiny leather, which I didn’t want as they looked and felt a lot boxier. So when I saw this one just casually sitting on display in a Givenchy boutique in Singapore I knew it was fate, and it was better in real life. I have barely stopped using it since I came home. It is so sturdy yet still comfortable to wear and such a great color. I wear a lot of black in Winter and this was the exact pop of color I was needing for my Winter wardrobe. I am in Love with this bag and while it is by no means a new style, it is new for my wardrobe and now I am wondering why I waited so long!

May Shop Givenchy

Item 6: Saint Laurent YSL Tribute 105 in Black Lizard Embossed Leather – $1155.00 from David Jones. This was a discounted price because I have the DJs Amex so there was 20% off.

These are my go to staple shoes and I already owned them in nude patent and in a champagne metallic leather, they are so comfy and very chic so obviously when I decided that there was a bit of a gap in my black shoe collection these were a no-brainer however I  didn’t want to pay full retail for them nor did I want to get stung for import tax if I bought them online. So I waited and waited and then I found them while wandering through DJ’s one day and when the girl told me they were 20% off and I was like ok, sold. Well sort of, I layby-ed them and picked them up right before I went away, they are very useful, these combined with the Gucci Soho make for terrific travel companions!

Item 7: Francoise Montague Vintage Gripoix Necklace – SGD $909.00 from Pois Boutique, Singapore.

I spotted this necklace within seconds of entering the Pois boutique (a beacon of luxury designer clothing and costume jewels, they are in the ION building on Orchard Road. Sorry guys they have no website but I promise you, if you are visiting Singapore they are worth a visit). It was on a mannequin on a black dress and I knew I needed it in my world, it is so chic, it reminded me of Rachel Zoe when I saw it and really can you get more chic than RZ? Anyway It was a little pricier than I had anticipated so I did sleep on this one for a night but I dreamt about the occasions at which I would wear it so I decided I needed it. Ive worn it 3 times already and Ive decided its part of this years birthday outfit so on a cost per wear I think it will earn its keep in no time.

May Shop YSL + Pois

Item 8: Zara Trafaluc Rachael Jeans – SGD $69.90 purchased from Zara in Singapore

Over the moon with these, my girlfriend Claire and I both fell in love and bought these, they are so cute. High waisted with the rose embroidery detail on the bum and at the bottom of the ankles it says Love and Always they are so sweet I couldn’t not buy them, these will definitely get a lot of wear this Spring.

May Shop Zara Jeans

Item 9: Zimmermann Crepe Lace Culotte in Black – $248.00 from David Jones. This was a discounted price because I have the DJs Amex so there was 20% off.

I bought these for work as I needed something chic that was comfortable to move about in as I am always on the go at work. I love these, they sit right on the waist and are very flattering, and they have pockets – I am such a sucker for anything with pockets! They have been a godsend and I am very much thinking I may want to buy a second pair, I just noticed they have brought out a pair without the lace so they would be a nice simple sister option to these. Thinking about June purchases already eek.

May Shop Zimmermann

Item 10: Camilla Snow Whispers One Piece Swimsuit – $329.00 from Camilla

I had been wanting a Camilla one-piece for about a year now but hadn’t found the right print in the right cut until like literally 4 days before I left for my holiday this came out and I knew it was the one for me. The soft white snow leopard colors with the gorgeous Swarovski embellishments was exactly the strikingly chic combination I had been looking for. The Angels at Camilla in Chadstone went above and beyond to get this to me in time for my holiday, actually hand delivering it to me at my workplace the day before I left because I couldn’t get there! Those girls are amazing with customer service. It was perfect, I wore it like 4 times on my 2 week trip and I felt like a poolside princess every time I put it on.

Item 11: Camilla Snow Whispers Silk Scarf – $249.00 from Camilla

This was a cheeky impulse purchase – well done Camilla angels. But Im so glad I got it, it was perfect for the pool, I used it as a headscarf and then another day as a sarong, and then another day I tied it up and wore it as a cape (not like a superman cape, more like an oversized silk cardigan – Super versatile, very happy with this purchase.

May Shop Camilla Swim

Item 12: Zara Denim T-shirt Dress – SGD $69.90 purchased from Zara in Singapore.

I found this denim dress during our quick  Zara shopping stop in Singapore. I wasn’t sure about it at first as it is quite boxy, but I was lured by its pockets (am a complete sucker for pockets!) and the mullet hem, being tall-ish and curvy I like things to be a little longer at the back and I thought for $69 it was worth a gamble. I am so glad I bought this dress it has very quickly become a favorite in my wardrobe and I’m very much looking forward to the sun coming back to Melbourne so I can get it back out.


I hope you all enjoyed my April May finds. I look forward to sharing them with you each month. Feel free to ask any questions or leave feedback in the comments section below.


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