Purchased In August

Can you believe its the end of Winter already! This month I picked up a couple of bargains I found on sale that I think are fantastic trans-seasonal pieces and stocked up on some beauty items and a treat for my home. I didn’t actually buy a lot this month as I was really trying to knuckle down and focus on my clearing out. I sold a few pieces on eBay and managed to save another $500.00, which if you do the math on below, still has me ahead for the month – very happy with that!

Item 1: Zara Boots found on eBay – $111.50 (incl. shipping) 

I actually bought and returned these earlier in the year because I wasn’t sure I would wear them enough or had enough to go with them but then I kept thinking of outfits I wanted to wear that needed these boots so I hunted and hunted and found them on – yep you guessed it – eBay! A girl in the UK was selling them for half what they retailed for here so I snapped them up and bonus they were unworn! I think they match my Celine Belt Bag perfectly. I love the shape of these boots having the chunky block heel makes them very comfy but also this almost calf length is really doing it for me at the moment I am finding it is really flattering and adds a modern twist to a pair of ankle boots and still works perfectly with dresses and with denim.

Item 2: Lace-Up Sweater in Beige from Bardot – $50

I had actually been looking for a nice lace-up sweater for a little while and whilst it would have been nice to have it a little earlier on in Winter, I think this color is a great trans-seasonal tone, which will work well on cool Spring nights. This one has a really nice feel to it, its not at all itchy and it is surprisingly cosy. And when I had finally settled on this one to buy it was reduced from $89 to $50 so I cannot complain about that.

Item 3: Diptyque Figuier Candle from Mecca Cosmetica – $87

Ok So I have obviously been lusting after this one for quite some time and honestly I have lit it almost every night since I got it. It is so fresh and Figgy, it just fills my apartment with the distinct smell of freshly picked Figs. I am obsessed.

Item 4: Diptyque Wick Trimmer from Mecca Cosmetica – $38

Yes ok, this was a little extravagant of me but I was in the mood and I do find it annoying trying to get into the bottom of the candle to trim the wick without stabbing the scissors into the wax or dropping the black off-cut into the candle and this beautifully crafted tool saved me from those dilemmas so $38 well spent I say.

Item 5: Hourglass Veil Primer from Mecca Cosmetica – $108

I adore this primer it is a little more expensive but it feels seriously luxurious on your skin and really does work. They just brought it out in this larger size too which costs a few extra pennies up front but its a lot more value for money and the packaging means you can squeeze out every last bit unlike the smaller size which is glass and I used to get so annoyed by how much I was throwing away because I just couldn’t get it out.

Item 6: Pointed Toe Suede Beige Pumps from Nine West – $79 (reduced from $149)

I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled across these beauties while shopping with my co-worker on our lunch break. I can’t actually remember the last time I went into a Nine West store, though I am so glad I did these caught my eye almost instantly and actually completely fill a gap for me as I have been searching for the perfect shoe to go with my Celine Phantom, and I kept coming back to the Aquazzura Beige Amazon Points but they are like $900 and I am supposed to be saving at the moment so these could not have come to me at a better time. Also I think there must have been an extra special sale on when I bought mine as I only paid $79 for mine but I noticed they are now up at $99. I will add I have worn them already and they are really comfy.

Really looking forward to some Spring shopping over the next couple of months.


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