Purchased In July

Firstly I want to apologise for how late this is going up – what a hectic two weeks I have had. I was off to such a great start with my shopping in July.. But then, to my absolute horror, my bank card/credit card was hacked into and had to be cancelled and replaced which took a frustrating nine business days. Unfortunately this severely stunted my July shopping antics.

Item 1: ARTIS OVAL 7 BRUSH – $106.00 from Net-A-Porter

I had been coveting this for quite some time and was ready to buy it at the beginning of June when it sold out everywhere forcing me to wait for it. At first I was a little hesitant because of its price point and the fact I had only read about it as there are no Australian stockists at which to see it in the flesh. On first use, it was instant love, it applies my foundation flawlessly, with such ease and speed but more than this, it just feels so absolutely luxurious on my face and the cherry on top of all of this is aesthetically it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Item 2: DION LEE ASYMMETRIC PINSTRIPED DRESS in Navy – $214.80 from Green With Envy

This piece was such a find, it was the last one in stock and happened to be my size, it was originally $899 reduced to $268.50 and then an extra 20% off! Thank you Green With Envy, this is going straight to my corporate wardrobe rebuild.

Item 3: J BRAND MARIA JEANS in Beyond – $68.00 from Green With Envy

I don’t think this needs explanation, these were from the same sale at Green With Envy and at this price I couldn’t ignore them. They’re a size bigger than I normally buy but I haven’t minded, they are so soft and comfy, the perfect movie date denim. I am still hunting for some great distressed denim, but in the mean time these are filling the faded denim gap quite nicely.


Item 4: KYLIE LIP KIT in Koko K – US $43.95 (including shipping) from Kylie Cosmetics

Obviously with all the hype about these kits and my guilty pleasure of secretly not so secretly kind of loving the Kardashians adventures I needed to try one of these. My fabulous beauty obsessed work mate Annie, tipped me off that I could order one over the 4th July weekend so I quickly jumped online and within 4 mins (possibly less) I had ordered mine! It came only a week later which pleased me. The packaging is sexy, she has nailed the whole ‘building a brand’ thing. I tried it out a few days later. I like the color and love the added value of including a perfectly matched lip liner but to be honest the liquid lipstick is ultimately very drying and DOES NOT COME OFF! I’m serious, after two makeup wipes, I washed my face, I had a fifteen minute shower washing my hair and using my frank body scrub on my face too, I jumped out of the shower and my lips were still very painted! I love the lip liner and the color and will continue to use it lots but the lipstick I’m not so sold on – sorry Kylie.


Item 5: BOBBI BROWN CORRECTOR in Bisque – $42.00 from Mecca Cosmetica

Last month I had bad luck with the Naked concealer, so I took it back to Mecca and the girls there were so lovely and helpful, they played with me for twenty minutes trying out all different brands and shades of concealers for under my eyes. The Bobbi Brown corrector pot was one that the girl showed me and I was a little sceptical at first as I do prefer the application of a wand concealer but this product was so good I could not deny its brilliance. For anyone that has ever used the Kryolan wheel in the past, this is similar to my favourite color in that but is a little kinder on the skin and easier to blend.

Item 6: ZIMMERMANN MASTER DOVE BLOUSE – $93.30 found on eBay

Obviously a bonus to selling your old things on eBay is that while doing it you may stumble across some treasure as I feel I did with this one. I loved this blouse so much I wore it like the day after I received it and then did a post about it because it is just heavenly. In Winter, my go to uniform if you haven’t noticed generally consists of jeans, boots and a printed shirt or chunky knit or vest, and living in Melbourne I do love me some black so this was such a fabulous addition to my wardrobe. I just love how pretty and feminine it is. Shopping tip: eBay is definitely worth a good trawl now and then, I have found some great bargains on there. Just be sure to inspect all the images carefully as they are usually pre-loved pieces.


 Happy Shopping